What do you drink?

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Nobody, Jun 7, 2012.

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  1. What is your preferred drink of choice? Specifics preferred, but i'll accept answers such as whiskey, vodka, etc.

    Jamison on the rocks and a glass of water here...:kiss:

    Oh, and all you Straight edge superstars can post whatever kind of caprisun or hawaiian punch you prefer...Or in Randy's case, what flavor kool-aid :sad:
  2. I'm currently drinking tea :sir:
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  3. 1.) Beer- don't really care what brand
    2.) Vodka + anything. Soda, energy drinks, juice. I love vodka
    3.) jaeger + energy drinks. Yum
  4. Normally just whatever is available - usually SMirnoff Vodka or Buds.

    However my favourites are a generous amount of Jack Daniels with coke with ice and Stella. Also have a soft spot for Apple sourz and Lemon Cello.
  5. Vodka drinkers, have you had Svedka? I love that stuff, 20$ for a 1.75 here and it won prizes over kettle and goose 3years in a row.

    I guess i should have listed a top 3 or something, ill start/join the game

    1. Jamison + water.
    2. Fat Tire (favorite beer, ever)
    3. Jack coke

    Clearly im a whiskey man, man.

    Stella Artois is pretty dope, one of the few imports you can actually see in my area that isnt called newcastle (I know, imported all the way from Canada)

    Anyone ever drank Leinenkugels? I live about 15 minutes from that plant, and i see Honeyweiss has made its way overseas and around the country for a while meow.
  6. I drink whiskey, vodka, and best of all this
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    [​IMG] just kidding I drink Coca-Cola
  7. Jack and Coke is good as well.
  8. [​IMG]
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  9. So glad this forum has taste unlike my mates who drink that WKD pish. Also Bud is such and overrated beer as well generally. Sadly it's that crap I'm usually subjected to.
  10. 1. Beers of the lighter variety, not a big fan of the dark ones.
    2. Cider with either Pear or Cactus-lime taste.
    3. Redbull-vodka
    4. Bacardi of any kind-any soda
    5. Martini and cola
    6. Jack and cola.
    7. Jamesons whiskey on the rocks
    8. Jamesons or any whiskey with a few drops of water to really get the taste
    9. My special drink, the Firefucker: Fireball (Whiskey with a cinnamon taste), Bacardi apple, Fanta/Orange soda, some regular red grenadine, a lime and some rasberries, served on the rocks.

    Does it show that I have worked as a bartender? :burns:
  11. Water :pity:
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  12. Budweiser is so far from the king of beers as it claims. American beers in general except micro brews are shite compared to most beers you can find in Europe. That is because of the prohibition when everyone in the US brewed at home and was more focused on just making beer quickly than making a really well made beer. The result is American beers being more watered down. :true:
  13. @Stopspot, that drink sounds dank. Bartender here also, i was going to make an alcoholic joke, but thats the beauty of being behind the bar....100's of options to choose from, and if you do it right, its so good any/every time.

    You drink straighte edge society? Recovering alcoholics are straight edge too? One shot of whiskey a day is good for your heart. I dont mean this as negative, i just dont get it. Ii respect the life choice, but there has to be a drink you prefer in your fridge, even NA that you enjoy and could have used as an actual answer.
  14. Awesome drinks selection mate!

    That probably explains it. Always love the European stuff that I try when I'm away. Couple of years ago in Slovenia I had some really nice stuff, can't remember what it was called but it was awesome nonetheless.
  15. Anyone else kinda digging San Miguel currently, or am I turning into a slightly butch woman? Also Jagerbommmmmmmmmmmmmmbs.
  16. Totally.
    I've worked as a bartender for free at my university student union night club for three years. As well in the three frat driven pubs (In one as bar executive). Result: A free bartending education and three years of work experience straight to my résumé.
  17. Banana Milkshake.
  18. San Miquel with lime/lemon is good.
  19. Used to drink that regularly but always got me pissed too quickly.
  20. Yeah that's the down side. I often end up kissing strangers on it, but it's so nice.
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