What do you eat?

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by catlady, Dec 9, 2013.

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  1. Like on a daily basis, what is the average breakfast, lunch, dinner you have? If you snack, what do you snack on?
  2. So it technically doesn't have to be everyday? :hmm:

    Breakfast - Banana, Orange, Apple and Grapes
    Lunch - Meat
    Dinner - Meat

    I can get specific and post all the foods, but it'd be too much writing for me.
  3. LOL so meat & fruit.

    EAT VEGETABLES! :angry:
  4. Pussy
  5. That's if I get specific! :annoyed: I have carrots, cucumbers and broccoli. Fuck broccoli, but I love carrots and cucumbers.
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  6. I LOVE BROCCOLI! :angry:
  7. I eat dairy, grain, meat, veggies and fruits on a consistent basis unless I get lazy. And since it's winter, I am lazy! :angry:
  8. BUT YOU'RE WEIRD! :angry:
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  9. :true:

    Me & my brother use to fight over vegetables growing up. :haha:
  10. You grew up in a weird family. Offense intended. :dafuq:
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  11. I just enjoy veggies, nothing wrong wit dat! :angry: :mad2:
  12. There's a whole lotta wrong with you. Have been doing research for the past year and still can't find an answer.:eww2:
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  13. Breakfast usually consists of cereal or a bagel, along with some orange juice and milk.
    Lunch consists of whatever I have at the time. I can make up a sandwich, have some fruit mixed in there with either water or milk to drink.
    Dinner is also whatever leftovers I have from meals I make on the weekend or if I want to make up a sandwich. I drink milk for the most part, or water or soda (depending on what I have).
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  14. Bacon and eggs or cereal for breakfast

    Usually pasta or something like that for lunch or dinner or meat of some type (steak, chicken, fish)

    Snacks are cucumber with lime and Taijin or just Italian dressing
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  15. Cucumber with lime & taijin!? Is that good? I love cucumbers but always just eat them with sea salt. Never tried mixing it up. lol
  16. Morning- Cereal
    Lunch- Sandwich
    Dinner- Fast Food/meat
    Snack- cum
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  17. GOAT snack, try it and prepare a rehab facility because you'll get addicted
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  18. I have come to the conclusion that I eat WAY to many crackers, too much bread meals and too much damn pasta! :angry: :upset:
    I actually had some kinda seed crackers today with water for a small breakfast.. I have trouble eating when I first get up. Then had 2 scrambled eggs with veggies. Going to try to not eat as much carby carbs today. lol Damn the Merican diet. I don't eat much meat so I tend to eat sides as meals.
    That is basically nothing but carbs... :facepalm:
  19. is it like taijian sauce or like powder? Not sure if I ever had it. Sounds spicy. :gusta:
  20. I am one of the freaks who loves veggies, but isn't a fan of fruit, so i force myself to eat an apple/orange/grapefruit daily and then most of my food is veggies (unless i'm shitfaced, then it's some veggies as i eat other foods) but mostly I try to stay away from ground beef, go for steak, some pork, and mostly chicken. I am a decent cook so tonight it's porkchops, potatoes, cream of chicken soup, a grip of carrots, with some chicken broth to keep it cooking well....as well as some basic spices. It was awesome tbh. Tomorrow I'm rocking a really sweet Rib recipe I made myself, and then after it's a chicken bake with stuffing, celery, corn, and some cream of celery soup.

    IDGAF what the main meal is (really i have one meal a day, with a lot of healthy stuff beforehand) as it really depends on what is on sale at the stores here this week. Next week it's the start of the xmas/NY fish sale, so i'm gonna rock some lobster, a grip of catfish meals, and some random seafood never frozen sent from AK/Hawaii.
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