What do you expect from Kofi's reign?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Leo C, Oct 19, 2012.

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  1. So, Kofi won the Intercontinental Championship on Main Event (again). For now, all we know is that he will defend it against Miz at Hell in a Cell. Do you think this feud with Miz will last a while longer, actually meaning something (by midcard standards) and he'll go on to have other good feuds in his reign, or do you'll think he won't be put in any feuds and have no mic time at all to develop a character as it usually happens in the midcard? Overall, what do you expect?
  2. lots of booms. but sadly i dont like that boom boom boom
  3. Well I'm sure WWE likes Miz since he did their movie thing and catches lots of attention, so I expect this to turn into some type of feud. Maybe a couple of months at least, Miz isn't a bad person to feud with, just hope that faster this feud Kofi will get main event time with Punk after Cena and before Rock. It's a shame they never did this, Kofi and CM Punk have lots of history, it would have been a great feud, but of course WWE fucks it up and sets him here, hopefully they make this feud good.
  4. I think for a guy like Kofi that it may be the highest strap he can ever achieve. I expect a nice exciting run and quality wrestling out of him. He's always been a good in ring performer and if he could work on his mic skills he could take the next step. I actually want him to drop the title by elimination chamber so we can see him in that match :-)
  5. Kofi is a great wrestler but his character is dry and his mic skills are not that great. I mean Daniel Bryan had horrible mic skills when he started (wwe). And his character was awful. But now look at him! So anything is possible.
  6. I think Kofi's character is one-dimensional. He's that happy go-lucky smiling generic face character, then there's the Boom Boom Boom thing, which is good for getting over and such but it doesn't get him anywhere. When he talks (rare), there's not much for him to say. I think they need to add some depth to his gimmick, it'll help him in the long run. Unless they start doing this now I also think his reign will go as usual.
  7. This is how Daniel Bryan was. So they can make him into a great character... So long as they do it right.
  8. :haha: :Lol1: :lol2: WWE doing something right
  9. good call... :downer:

    D-Bry wasn't even suposta be this over. Vince hates it.
  10. maybe he moves onto an r truth feud afterwards
  11. I think WWE missed a great opportunity, they should've made Truth turn on Kofi and have them feud (but Vince likes the Little Jimmy character so it didn't happen), and now even though Kofi is IC champ, Truth is lost on the shuffle with nothing to do and a crappy gimmick. It'd be nice if they, let's say, had Kofi and Truth in a match for the belt where Kofi wins clean after a hard fought battle, then Truth attacks him afterwards and turns. That'd be nice.
  12. Hopefully Kofi's reign will bring some fresh air to the stale air Miz's reign had. I think it's about time he had another run, hopefully his mic skills have increased since his 1st IC run. I'm hoping that this'll be Kofi's chance into breaking in to the ME picture even though that bastard didn't give me an autograph at WM 26
  13. I expect more matches with him in it. I expect more from him also.
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