What do you get from dominos?

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Crayo, May 25, 2013.

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  1. Since it is such a popular Pizza place, what is your normal Dominos meal? I am about to order one for the CL final, and order a lot so I can save some for the boxing later.
  2. Didn't expect any more quality from you. Leigh Griffiths sucks.
  3. Whores
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  4. You always have to cross the line don't you? Lily jokes I can handle, but slagging Griffiths is too far.
  5. Pepperoni
    Meaty Special
    Garlic Bread
    Cheese/Herb Balls
    Ben & Jerrys
  6. Texas BBQ, nothing else. Every time.
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  7. Extra cheese and Sweetcorn for my pizza because sweetcorn is for LADS!
  8. Pizza Hut > Dominoes
  9. Thanks for that. We deeply care. :pity1:
  10. Pizza Hut's cheese is so vile. It's not even mozarella.
  11. Domino's doesn't exist here. Pizza isn't a restaurant chain thing here. Rather there are multiple local pizza places in every town/city.

    But to keep it somewhat on topic, I tend to have a crisp bottom ham and cheese pizza with kebab and two kebab sauces on.
  12. you eurofags have dominos?

    I get the carryout for 4$ special they run. Other than that :gtfo: It is just crazy how shitty their pizza used to be. They are decent pizza's now, but where i live (and 'merica in general) there are about a dozen different pizzas made, and the mom and pop places are the ones i give my money to, fuck corporate.
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  13. pizza hut is the absolute worst place you can get pizza at. That's like saying a McDouble is better than anything Crayo's mom could make at home, and that bitch can cook.

    ETA: I call her fine ass Cynthio.
  14. Exactly :lol1:
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  15. I'm sure she can.

    But I hate the taste of Dominoes pizza. The cheese, pepperoni and sausage, those new pizza sliders, breadsticks and especially sauce (the kind they give you to dip the breadsticks in) are all better than anything Dominoes has to offer. I haven't eaten at Dominoes in years and with all Pizza Hut has to offer to fill my appetite for pizza, I probably never will again.
  16. is that your only two options? Dominos isnt great but pizza hut is like rummaging through a dumpster and rebaking the pizza in an oven that leaks the heat out the sides....it's just goo and shit.

    You should expand yourself, im sure some mom and pop places can help you. Otherwise buy a fucking tombstone man, its better than both, by far.
  17. I get gonorea from domino.

  18. I was referring to the two main pizza restaurants. I've eaten Tombstone before but I got tired of it (they put too much sauce on it, too.) Otherwise, Tony's Pizza, which you can buy just in any grocery store, is pretty damn good and I eat it most weeks. But Pizza's Hut is still the best to munch on for me.
  19. Well you sure as hell aren't the type to get it sexually, so I wouldn't be surprised.
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