What Do You Guy think of WWE right now?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Super Saiyan Goku, Feb 14, 2012.

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  1. I want to know what you guy think of WWE right now? Do you thing that going in the right up in watchable or going to in watchable? I know what you guy think?

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  2. Most storylines seem hokey while they are progressing but, in the end, they generally wrap up nicely

    Unfortunately, members of the IWC have their own interpretation of the way a storyline should end

    Most disliked the Nexus angle. Barrett led a mutiny targeting Cena specifically

    At it's hottest, Barrett became Cena's boss, but when it climaxed Cena caught the bad guys and saved the day.

    You attack the hero and the hero wins to save the day. Some would have preferred he put over Barrett... so goes the debate
  3. Well first off, wrong section.
    But it's alright, as for WWE...

    Show Spoiler
    It's Aiighht!
  4. Moved this to general WWE. As for the WWE it's alright at the moment. Not the worst it's been but far from it's best.
  5. Almost good.
  6. Well its getting a lil more interesting nowadays, nowehre near the wwf days or the beginning of wwe days, all went downhill when cena and batista were champions, but atleast they r doing a few things right and the show is becoming a lil more interesting.
    The do need a cruserweight division and need some of the old underrated stiill not over the hill wrestlers back like Christian, Goldust, Booker T, Jeff Hardy. And the Tag division need a push, get some fo the good wrestlers to hold the tag team title that will make it worth watching again, wrestlers like Evan Bounre and kofi kingston belong in the cruserweight section not the tag team section.
  7. oh I am sorry how do u do that? Idk that there were different section? How do I move it to the WWE Section?
  8. It's pretty bad
  9. Frustrating. That sums up my feelings for WWE atm. 2 weeks ago it pulled off one of the greatest RAWs in years, then 2 weeks in a row it's been one of the worst periods in years.

  10. It's ok I've done it. I think it's a mod thing.
  11. I could compare the WWE to a Braden Walker match, and it would pale in comparison.
  12. I don't keep up with Smackdown at all, so can't comment on that. SD is practically non-existent to me.

    I've only just been watching Raw again the last couple of weeks (before that, I was merely keeping up with it by reading spoilers and whatnot.) So far, it's an average show, not bad but not all that great either. Things I like are CM Punk and Jericho's feud getting going, I love the progress so far on the Triple H/Taker issue (the HHH/HBK promo was awesome on Raw), I love watching Dolph Ziggler's matches (though he could perhaps be a bit more charismatic) and that's almost about it. I think Kane putting the mask back on was silly, though his feud with Cena is ok. I'm waiting for the real buildup for The Rock/Cena feud to start, rather than just them tweeting back and forth with insults like a couple of teenagers. And I don't care at all about whatever the Divas do. Everything else is just mildly entertaining, I suppose.
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