What do you guys think about Brock Lesnar returning?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by BigRedMachine, Apr 14, 2012.

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  1. So what do you guys think about Brock lesnar returning?
    I personally love it, WWE has been rapidly losing star power hopefully Brock can pull out some twists and turns to turn this situation around.
  2. Loved it, I marked like a girl when I saw him return. It's the much needed star power WWE needs to turn Cena heel. Brock is also in the shape of his life in my opinion, and is still very young. He's also more available than Rock so we should see quite a bit of him.
  3. Fucking loved it!!!!!!! :emoji_slight_smile: I was in shock at first as it felt like going back in time but when i watched his return again after the show was over I just marked out like crazy I couldnt believe my fav from the past had come back. I was smiling so much for days after his return. Brock Lesnar is awesome and I wish he had never of left but obviously he did for his own reasons. But now hes back hes gonna kick ass and since hes been in UFC hes gonna be more dominant than ever now. I cant wait to see what this year holds for him
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  4. I've watched his return and the promo's of him attacking Cena countless times. This is a very great thing for the WWE fans, Brock is back and everyone's loving what thus far (with the exception of die hard Cena fans.)
  5. Still can't get over it RAW after WM was amazing for his return. Then last weeks RAW was pants apart from Brock and Cena's epic brawl in the first fifteen mins was awesome loving him being back.

  6. Loved it. Seems he's missing a lot of his muscle, though.
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