What Do You Like About The Site

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Roadster, Apr 13, 2014.

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    1. Not Nick
    2. Not Frie
    3. Not WZ
    4. Making DB marks angry (not only on this site)

  2. Not you.
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  3. Not you
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  4. Not you
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  5. The mods
    The site
    The people
    The discussions
  6. What i do to you:downer:
  7. Me
    Not You
  8. pop tatari
    Also it should be pop tarti.
  9. Also Stopspot is mine, not yours.
  10. its all right

    the mods are a bit too tight, and the lads need a bit more hair on their chests. but its okay
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  11. Says the guy who's on a persona crusade against a 90's children's cartoon.
  12. home truths lad
  13. It seems a decent community from the time I've been here so far.
  14. Why don't you love us mods lad?
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  15. seabs-chan!
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  16. censoring my status

    i posted my porn debut, but you liberals were to lilly livered to let it stand. what are we men or mice
  17. That is not a site choice, it's Googles. Leaving that on would screw up one of our major sources of traffic and ad revenue. Sorry lad but it's best for business.
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  18. bloody materialistic money grabbers
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