What do you miss/What do you want to see in the WWE?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Stopspot, Apr 20, 2012.

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  1. Question is in the title. What do you want to see in the WWE or what do you miss in it? Here you can discuss such things.

    Personally I miss exciting high flying wrestling. I like well done mat based wrestling and at least 50% of the matches WWE put out there are good but I just miss the excitement you got from seeing a high flyers match. Matches with people like Rey, Edge, Christian, The Hardys and even people like Tyson Kidd who is also a talented high flyer. The current HF'ers on the roster are Kidd, Rekks, Hawkins, Hunico, Rey, Gabriel, Kofi and Sin Cara, Of which both Sin Cara, Rey and Gabriel are out with injuries. The other guys are just misused. These guys put into a tag team division treated right could really pull of some showstoppers.

    Discuss people!
  2. D'VON get the table!
  3. The tag division.
  4. DIvas! Oh sorry female wrestlers!
  5. I like high flying wrestling. If we don't have a cruiserweight division, the tag division if a good place to show it off, mainly when the tag division is crappy like today: whatever you do to it will help.

    The only thing that comes to my mind now that is not really present in WWE is logical booking... and I think continuity is missing too. I like the new guys debuting, and after a few people are fired in the next sweep, I hope WWE gets everything right. Obviously, I'm not saying everything in WWE is good atm, I just don't have it on the tip of my tongue.
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  6. Cruiserweight belt and a hardcore belt!

  7. I miss matches like this.





  9. Too many things to list, so I'll just say "anything interesting".
  10. The divas getting more time on tv like in the old days

    The tag team division needs to be brought back to life

    Shane McMahon needs to return and do all those crazy stunts in matches he used to do
  11. Ace to be fired teddy to run both shows
  12. Good feuds and creative to get some rockets fired up there backsides to do so.
  13. Blood, Cruiserweight championship, Hardcore championship, 2 tag team titles, one on each brand and a better Diva's division.
  14. Can deal without blood but if hardcore was brought back would be required but all the above as Jose and many state. Cruiserweight, Tag and Divas getting sorted being vital.
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