What do you prefer: Heels or Faces?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Matt, Sep 23, 2012.

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  1. Heels

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  2. Faces

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  3. I like both of them equally

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  4. Tweeners bitch

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  1. Now this question doesnt have to relate to any of the current heels and how they are booked. it mainly focuses on what kind of character you prefer. do you like the bad guy who a lot of times uses devious strategies to win matches and will often insult other wrestlers and the fans or the guys who stand up for what is good and respect other people and sometimes will have comedy personas. I expect the majority of the IWC to prefer heels over faces. So which one do you prefer?
  2. Heels. A heel got me to watch WWE. Heels makes wrestling more thrilling, and usually the ones who carry the story.
  3. I prefer heels and faces in a good combination. Nothing beats a story about a well played out face facing a well played out heel.
  4. I prefer heels as they add more a little more excitement. I loved all Triple H's heel runs, he was the reason I started watching wrestling.
  5. Heels make everything more entertaining.
  6. just as i expected :emoji_stuck_out_tongue: i also prefer heels. it's a shame the top people are faces
  7. Heels make everything better. Storylines, matches. ;d (Hashtag)Heelz4Lyf
  8. This. :obama:
  9. Rowdy Piper once said people don't come to see the hero. People come to see the bad guy get his ass kicked
  10. Yeah, I prefer heels too. I know we need faces, of course, but heels have more freedom and can do more entertaining stuff imo.
  11. Heels are better
  12. 8 Votes for heels. :lol1:
  13. Some make matches bad. Stomping and choking a lot like Del Rio.
  14. Del Rio's moveset is quite limited, that's true.
  15. I prefer heels
  16. Tweeners, bitch! Love the realistic characters, although obviously I'm more on the heel side. Even in companies like TNA with entertaining characters, on here Aries has to be the 4th person we mention (Roode, WTTCOTW, Bully) so it's gotta be the bad boys of professional wrestling.
  17. For a good while I was heavy into THE FACES. I really don't like nor do I understand Why people love HEELS so much-as I have never really much been into the saying of characters-what do you call it" The Men or The Characters You Love To Hate?" I've pretty much always been into The Heroine characters of stories and shows,and could never stand The Villains, I was always a "GOOD VERSUS EVIL,GOOD CONQUERS EVIL" type person.
    BUT..,.then somebody stepped into the limelight so to speak, that can be a darn good face-which I loved,but he also is a DARN GOOD HEEL as well.
    It's kind of taken me a little by surprise, I didn't know being a heel could actually be so much fun-even though at times-I do feel he goes a little overboard and someone needs to let him know so-lol. But-he's kind of shown me over time that HEELS AREN'T ALWAYS SO BAD-that HEELS CAN ACTUALLY BE PRETTY FUN AT TIMES(he knows who he is-YOU'RE A DARN GOOD FACE BUT YOU'RE ALSO A DAMN GOOD HEEL AS WELL-lol.)
  18. I prefer entertaining wrestlers. In WWE those just so happen to be heels 99% of the time because they don't know how to properly book faces in an entertaining fashion.
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  19. Have to say heel. A lot of them can pull it off so damn well. When I started watching, Orton was the Legend Killer and I really hated his guts and I couldn't stand him. Now that I'm older, it just tells me how good he was doing his part.
  20. Bad boys are my weakness. :emoji_wink:
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