What do you see for Cena in the next year?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by #Heel, Apr 23, 2012.

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  1. I just wanted to get some thoughts about Cena's near/distant future with all of these huge names reaching top ranks recently. The focus is off of Cena now more than ever. Everyone is focused on Brock, Bryan, and Punk/Jericho at the moment.

    Sure, Cena is in a feud with Brock, but it isn't about Cena this time. It is about Brock returning and ripping WWE a new one with his "Ass Kicker/UFC" persona. Cena is just a big name to get Brock back in the game, a pawn if you will.

    I am bringing this to attention because of his match with Tensai last week. Cena never loses filler matches. I was genuinely surprised that Tensai, who previously meant nothing, and still means nothing in Cena's feud, went over last week.

    Not to mention the fact that Daniel Bryan is making cash, slapping bitches, and completely overshadowing the entire locker room with the exception of Brock.

    Oh yeah... and Cena is not in the top 5 power ranks for the first time in over a year. I see his stock dropping gradually in the coming months.

    Anyone else see him staying on top?
  2. He'll stay on top as no one is a viable option to replace his star power. I see him feuding with Brock for a bit longer then being put back in the title hunt.
  3. They are prolly giving cena some time off for "death to smootchie" part 2.

    Gotta have Brock hurt him

  4. I really wish he would see sense and take time off. He needs it, he can't be enjoying it when he has such a tight schedule, surely?

    I still think a heel turn is on the cards at some point though.
  5. I see a big change in character for some reason - I hope I'm right. I see this feud with Brock at least lasting until Summerslam.
  6. I wanna see cena get F5 again
  7. Someone elsewhere said maybe he should do what Hogan did in 1992 - take an extended break. On Raw the night after Wrestlemania, when they were building up to the end where Cena would give his thoughts on losing the 'biggest match of his career' against The Rock, I thought this is what he was gonna do - walk away because he just lost his biggest match and felt he was missing something. I think they might still do this. The Brock feud will obviously extend to at least May and I don't see Cena picking up any kind of victory. Maybe a loss (perhaps two) to Brock is what will make him take time off and get his head together (storyline wise.)
  8. I'd like a break from Cena, and maybe they've never done it in the past because of how much they've relied on him for viewers. But now Brock is back (all be it part time) and Rock is going to come back again later in the year, they might be able to do it. Who knows. I really hope Brock isn't used for a rise above hate moment - I don't think he is, they're selling his return as the unstoppable machine quite well.

    Plus, Cena losing cleanly to Rock, then Brock is definitely a good way to slowburn him.
  9. Getting his ass beat by Brock then jobbing some more to other talent
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