Summerslam What do you think about SS added 1hr?

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Lackin, Jul 28, 2015.

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  1. Well the news broke on Raw that Summerslam will now be a 4hr show this year? (or forever?) What do you think about this?

    The problem I have is that what will the extra hour include more promo's? more mid card bullshit? more backstage interviews? more pre-show analysis panel?. Also Wrestlemania is 4hr's and that's the grandest stage of them all where rivalry's culminate. So we know Summerslam is WM younger brother. How long till SS starts to sell out 60,000+ arena's? Do you think it will go that far?
  2. Awful. Every week they fail to fill three hours well.
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  3. Well, that extra hour is prolly gonna be just another promo by The Authority. The rest is gonna be regular.
  4. I really don't see the point in this at all. It's not as big as mania, even if it wants to be. The only good thing is hopefully there will be more emphasis on matches now. And they'll be longer and better.
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  5. Ehn. Doesn't really bother me since I won't be watching all of it.
    Plus, it's 5 hours including the pre-show.
  6. I don't even like Mania being four hours, much less the idea of SummerSlam being that long. But I guess they gotta add time so they can still do some matches before Taker makes his entrance.
  7. I'm taping it and skipping the matches that bore me, like the divas and Taker/Lesnar.. I can't sit there for 4 hour's watching this, and an hour for the pre-show as well.
  8. If all it is going to be in promo bullshit then it will be a waste. Keep it 3 hours and make it more quality on the show.
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  9. An extra hour doesn't automatically indicate that the quality of the PPV will be any better. Not that Summerslam isn't already one of the greatest events of the year (often better than Wrestlemania even), but still. I really hope this doesn't become a permanent thing because it could also mean that Wrestlemania is being bumped to five hours from now on starting next year, and that's certainly not something I'm interested in seeing happen.
  10. I will hold my judgement about it after the PPV. It could be for the worst, or the better. Depends on how they handle the PPV overall though, so I'll remain optimistic about it.
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  11. I'll skip the preshow but I'll watch the PPV. I'm not mad...but, I'm not exactly expecting it to be a good thing.
  12. Do they plan on adding the extra hour in the beginning of the show or extending the show later? The reason I ask this is I have to work in the morning the next day and staying up for an extra hour could be rough.
  13. I'd assume an extra hour at the end? Good question!
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