What do you think about WWE confiscating signs?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Gangstuh, Apr 14, 2012.

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  1. During the April 9th edition of Raw, WWE confiscating "Albert" signs. "Albert" refers to Lord Tensai old ring name Prince Albert. They want the WWE Fans to refer to him by his current ring name. Should WWE do this? [​IMG] TensaiSmiley

  2. I disagree with confiscating signs. John Cena put it perfectly (even though it was kayfabe), they pay for their seat, they can chant/say and show whatever the fuck thry want too.

    Adding that Tensai smiley btw.

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  3. I think its shitty. Fans who pay good money to see a show should be allowed to bring a sign saying whatever they want. Its not right signs getting took away
  4. I used 2 make them constantly and never had mine taken. Of course, some ppl go 2 far and simply lack compassion. There have been many signs that WWE should have ripped away, but never did. I would never make a sign I wouldn't want my mother 2 c I guess
  5. Why should they be taken away? It's like calling Kill Steen Kill 'Seabs' (referring to his old name), clearly there's nothing wrong with that. It was his previous name, we should be allowed to say it. Either way, people end up chanting it. WWE you can't get rid of the glorious chants.
  6. Its a bit insulting 2 call a guy by his real name or previous names while he is performing. Wrestlers take their character very srsly and ask the fans 2 do the same. I can't understand the thrill in disrespecting ppl who r killing their bodies nightly 2 b a great performer. I'm sry if I have a bias here and have no ill will toward u, Saylor
  7. That's just how smarks roll though. I think it shows a lack of interest in his new character, and it makes WWE a little butt hurt. Still though, censoring the fans is BS IMO
  8. If Vince is angry I'm happy.
  9. They shouldn't censor the signs imo it's a sign of respect by the fans relating to his past in the WWE. I wouldn't see it as disrespectful. I mean during Foley's various character incarnations people used to have Dude Love signs and Cactus Jack signs even during his tenure as Mankind these were in no way disrespectful just a tribute to his other characters and a compliment.
  10. Pretty much so, we're also happy that we've got Brock back, so thanks Vincey boy. :kiss:
  11. If a sign has language considered inappropriate or the kind they don't want being seen on television or whatever, they should take the sign away. Taking them away just because they mention the name "Albert" (especially when Michael Cole has already mentioned that Lord Tensai is a former WWE superstar) is just lame.
  12. Fans should do whatever they want during shows. Human right of freedom of speech, yo. (Too many "of"s)
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