What do you think happens with Punk/Jericho?

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Crayo, Jun 4, 2013.

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  1. I can't see them having just a regular match, or a match at all really, so what do you think happens? A match like that doesn't just get created by Jericho asking Heyman, there is no feud here. Punk also left the company in kayfabe, and hasn't been seen since.

    A) Does Punk even wrestle? If not, who does?
    B) What will the swerve be if he does or doesn't wrestle?

    A huge side of me doesn't think we'll even see Punk at all, but another side of me remembers it's in Chicago and he has been announced to be there, so not appearing would just be weird.
  2. I'm pretty sure it'll involve Axel. Either taking his place or interfering and somehow causing Punk to turn face.
  3. My predictions remain the same:

    -Punk doesn't show because he says he hasn't watched Raw since he left (he needed to separate himself from all of it when he walked away) and didn't even know of Jericho's challenge. The blame ends up on Heyman for not contacting him (though Axel will still get in his face over it.) He is replaced by Curtis Axel for the match.

    -Punk is attacked off-screen by someone, either backstage or at his home. He is replaced by Curtis Axel (who is later revealed to be the attacker in an attempt to permanently replace Punk as Heyman's guy) for the match with Jericho.

    -Punk actually shows up and it goes one of two ways - Punk wins but it's due to interference from Axel. This enrages Punk, and he tells Axel on Raw that he doesn't need or want his help, and if he can't defeat Jericho or any other opponent on his own, then so be it. The other option is Punk losing because of botched interference from Axel, which enrages Punk for pretty much the same reasons, except that Curtis actually cost him the match this time.
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  4. Punk wrestles and it's the match of the year. There is 0% chance that Punk doesn't turn up.
  5. Would be the bright spot int he ppv if punk does show up and wrestle. Show the world that he is still the best in the world.
  6. But very underwhelming. Fans have anticipated a brilliant match between two of the WWE's best wrestlers, and would probably end up with Y2J jobbing to Curt Axel. If Punk doesn't turn up, that's a huge mistake by WWE.
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