What do you think LBJ will do?

Discussion in 'Sports' started by catlady, Jun 5, 2013.

  1. Talk has been festering about him leaving Miami in 2014.
    I don't buy it, specially if they win this year... Which they likely will.

    What do you think will happen in 2014?
  2. I think he might still be playing basketball next year.
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  3. I imagine he'll stay in Miami if they win again this year. However, if he gets a competitive offer from another championship-caliber team, I wouldn't be surprised if he went somewhere else.
  4. LBJ= Le BlowJob haha wtf

    He wants to return to cleveland. He has already said it. Wish he come back and plays with Irving :fap:
  5. STOP SAYING THAT! :angry: :upset:
  6. He'll go back to Clevland and take his dick suckers with him, it's amazing how many Cavs chipped to South Beach with him.
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  7. Cavs fans (who all shit on LB when he left) now thinking/hoping he comes back are hilarious. SPoiler: isn't happening.
  8. According to Rodrigo, Real Madrid are going to sign him for a record 200 million fee.
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  9. Marked :lol1:
  10. He's likely to come back to Cleveland. Kyrie is in his early 20s. They also got the 1st draft pick. If Lebron got Cavs to the finals by himself he'll win at least 1 title with Kyrie and 1st draft pick.

    Lebron's thing when he said "Not 1, not 2, not 6, not 7" isn't gonna happen in Miami with an injured D-Wade and Chris Bosh playing bad.

    Maybe Pat Riley can come up with something to make Miami Heat better, but unless that happens he'll probably end up leaving.

  11. Exclusive Lebron interview.

  12. Bet me money. There is no chance he goes back to Cleveland
  13. What's on Lebron's mind?
    Maybe he only cares about winning rings and playing for a contender.
    Maybe he cares about money, and making better endorsement deals.
    Maybe he wants to play nice for his hometown city of Cleveland, and all the fun times that happen there.
    We don't really know.
  14. Dude is going where he is getting paid the most, as long as they are contenders. I wouldnt be surprised to see him in fucking LA.

  15. 1.) What makes you say that? He took a pay cut to go to Miami. If he wanted cash he would have stayed in Cleveland
    2.) LA doesn't provide him with the best chance of winning... at all.

    I say there is basically no chance he opts out of the last two years of his deal.
  16. He took a pay cut to get rings, im not saying he is going to LA i am saying i wouldnt be surprised.
    I just am saying unless another top contender (NY/LA/Whatever) is going to pay him and he gets to stick it out.

    I wouldnt put money on my opinion, as someone who doesnt give a single fuck about basketball.
  17. NY isn't a top contender at all rofl. Plus they are more cap fucked than any team. Besides LAL maybe.
  18. "I wouldnt put money on my opinion, as someone who doesnt give a single fuck about basketball."
  19. MOTM quality posting from Aids
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