What do you think needs to make the World Title a main event?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Super Saiyan Goku, Mar 12, 2013.

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  1. What do you think needs to make the World Title a main event title on PPV again? I know it can't be it ever PPV but what need to be done put it on top of the card just like the WWE Title again!?​

  2. The belt moving to Raw for whatever reason. I can't see an SD fued being more important than a Raw one for a long time.

    Or injuries like at TLC I guess.
  3. SD could be so much better if WWE gave a dam it about it. It was already better then for 1999-2009. Then WWE screw it all up with the "super show BS" I think it would be good to have the WWE Title on SD again and have the World Title Raw again. As that when the World Title look equal to the WWE Title. But that also back in 2002 have the right stars to. Just like how WWE Title is it there baby raw is there 1st baby so even though SD is the better show that make Raw be the better show. IT BOLD SHIT! :facepalm1:
  4. I actually agree. Even in 2011 the show was better than Raw in everything besides Rock and Summer of Punk. Now though IT IS BOLD SHIT.
  5. Putting the belt around the waist of Cena or whoever will make it's importance on the show go up quite a bit. I personally don't want to see the World Heavyweight Championship become more prestigious than the WWE Title. The latter is the one with the long history and prestige of the company, held by the likes of Bruno/Hogan/Savage/Bret/Michaels/Austin/Rock/etc. It deserves to be the top title of the company.
  6. U do know the World Title is more prestigious right? It been around longer then WWE Champion. And I did not said i want it more prestigious then the WWE Title I want it to be Equal to the WWE Title like it used to be.
  7. This title has no harkening to the JCP / WWE lineage, it began with HHH. Same design different title.
  8. The World Title from NWA is the same as then 1 form today that said in the World Title DVD! That made back in 2009. which Is why ask in a thread a month by why the NWA title and the WWE World Title not the same.
  9. The WHC doesn't continue the linage of the NWA/WCW world title, it just has the same physical design. It begins with Triple H just being handed the belt by Bischoff on Raw.

    Even if it did, I wouldn't consider it more prestigious than the WWE Title because the WWE Title is the title that was created under the WWE banner itself. WWE isn't gonna consider another title with a history from a whole 'nother company as being more prestigious than it's own.
  10. Do you mind if I quote this Kevin, just because you've explained it better than I could.
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  11. U do know in 2001 that will still call it the WCW Champion right? And In the DVD that call the same title. Just started over as the world heavyweight champion with out the WCW or WWE before it. And the title HHH got in 2002 was same Title that Y2J 1 when it was unfied. The only different WWE made it start over. It was not until 2008 when Y2J won the World Title when the Title changed to a smaller World Title Belt get rid of the bigger world title. Then that smaller title with take away in 2011 when Chirsan won it for a 2nd time.
  12. That's because it WAS the WCW Title at the time, as it was part of the Invasion storyline that year. But the title that was introduced in 2002 is supposed to be a different title in terms of history. Proof: http://www.wwe.com/classics/titlehistory/worldheavyweight
  13. I KNOW THAT ALREADY! But point is there FUCKIN TITLE WITHOUT WCW THINK ON IT! If u get the World Champion DVD WWE made in 2009 that will tell u that in the DVD!
  14. I've never seen the DVD and it's irrelevant because wwe.com clearly states that the two are separate. Are you sure you didn't mishear something and they actually simply stated that the WHC came from the WCW World Title without actually continuing the same linage?
  15. that put that matchest in all the way back from the NWA Days. to the World Title of right now up to that point in 2009. and that counting WCW and WWE ivenw of WCW! http://prowrestling.about.com/od/reviews/fr/worldchampionshipdvdreview.htm and u will see all the matchest listing from NWA to WCW to what the World Title is now. It even said on the title 1909-2009!
  16. This is like watching Mike Tyson fight an 80 year old, K is Tyson and is beating this boy down brutally.
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  18. So there is no world title currently since it ended in 09?
  19. Yes, it's the history of the belt, but they still separate the history that happened from the NWA/WCW days and the history that happened during the WWE days. In my opinion, they probably shouldn't, but they do. I need to watch that DVD, btw.
  20. The DVD will said there the same. And Since WWE own WCW that can said what that want since its there belt now and history,. so to WWE that are the same just that started over.
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