What Do You Think Of Ambrose And Reigns Having A Tag Title Run?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by The GOAT, Sep 25, 2015.

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  1. Let's say that their feud with The Wyatt Family wraps itself up at Survivor Series (if Erick Rowan is able to return by then, he could rejoin the Family, Ambrose and Reigns could find themselves two tag team partners, and they could have a four-on-four classic/traditional Survivor Series elimination match to culminate the feud for good, which would be best), would you be for or against Ambrose and Reigns being the ones to win the Tag Team Championships off of The New Day sometime at the end of the year?

    Any fool knows they want Reigns to win the WWE Championship at Wrestlemania, but in the event that something like a Shield triple-threat doesn't happen (which is literally the only scenario where I can see Reigns in the world title match at next year's WM), I think capturing the tag team championships would be a pretty productive way of continuing Ambrose and Reigns' bromance and keeping them relevant in other ways for the time being. They could have a great match with The New Day at TLC (whether it's there or before then that they win the tag titles from them) and get a couple of months out of that feud. A rivalry with The Dudleyz could be great, as would one with The Hardyz should they actually return next year as speculated. The Ascension are a joke, but they'd make for a nice squash. Defending the straps in multi-team matches and maybe even a gauntlet match could be great to see as well. And hell, if they decide to turn one of them heel, you could split them apart going into Wrestlemania (or even do it AT Wrestlemania) and have one of them turn heel on the other and book a one-on-one match between there, but that's just me spit-balling.
  2. I'd feel bad for the guys who are actually long term tag team wrestlers for having to job to the hype train of mini-Shield.

    I'm down for them having feuds with tag teams, holding/dropping the belt many times, hinting at breaking up multiple times because both of them are sort of stars now, they have egos. Say they hold the belt for two months, lose in two months, etc. Dean & Reigns get the belts, which is better for Reigns than Dean IMO, now Reigns can cut promos with a belt around his waist or over his shoulder. He's going to have to get used to that.

    Just don't have them steamroll through the tag team division.
  3. I wouldn't mind a tag team title run, but I doubt it'll happen.

    I actually see The Dudleys winning the titles next, preferably at a TLC PPV in a TLC match.
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  4. I really hope The Dudleyz don't become champions. The nostalgia of seeing them again is already rapidly fading for me and I'll take The New Day's fresh act over their twenty year-old act easily.
  5. If done right/well sure. If it's just so Roman has a belt and it goes nowhere I'd skip it.

    If they put effort into Dean and Roman's reign, make the belts worth it and such sure, it could give some shine to both men and the belt. But both men are also "too big" for the tag titles if they are only to hold them because.
  6. I'm hard pressed to find a reason for them to win the tag belts unless Reigns and Ambrose are allowed to breathe more as performers.
    The two had a 'RAW Fallout' segment with Jojo where they were joking around about who their tag partner would be for Night Of Champions.
    During this segment, Reigns seemed very comfortable and in his element. Sometimes having a tag partner opens a segue to expand their artillery, so to speak.
    Mankind allowed the Rock to transition into a less selfish version of himself. Goldust allowed Booker T to show a more comedic side of himself.
    With Ambrose being the more charismatic and social butterfly, Reigns can transition himself (on screen) to a more charismatic version of himself by virtue of association.

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  7. I think this a great idea for a lot of reasons. They really don't need a top face to feud with Rollins for a good while. Splitting them up will just put them in that "no mans land" spot with creative where they will be up and down with them. They could take the titles off New Day and that feud would be great for not just New Day but the division as a whole..Biggest reason is that New Day and Ascension are really they only heel tagteams. Imagine the boost for a heel tag team to take them off Reigns and Ambrose? It also gives more cache to their careers as WWE wrestlers. Instead of the "insta-push" nowadays they can add more secondary titles to what will ultimately be 2 careers intrenched in the World Heavyweight title picture.
  8. Rather not see it. Tag division is looking good right now with the Dudleyz, New Day, and PTP.
    John Cena however will need some challengers for the US title.
  9. Good way to push all the build for the tag division out the window. Having main-eventers as champions for the sole purpose of furthering the storyline has had a history of failing.

    Examples: John Cena and HBK in 2007, John Cena and Batista in 2008, John Cena and David Otunga in 2010, John Cena and The Miz in 2011.
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  10. Setting aside the fact that Ambrose and Reigns' situation doesn't rely on the success or failure of past examples, in what measureable sense did any of those examples you named "fail"?
  11. Who did those champions win it from? How was the match? Was there any build up? What did it do to improve the titles they carried?

    Answers: No one remembers, No one remembers, nope and nothing.

    If you can't answer in a positive light, any of those questions, it's a failed booking move.
  12. If they can get another heel tag team over, other than New Day, with a win vs Ambrose and Reigns as champions it would be a win in the booking department
  13. lol Terrible logic. Not being able to recall something isn't an automatic indication that it wasn't anything worthwhile. A person can easily forget some things that are or were important, just like they can remember a bunch of shit that wasn't. The brain is a complicated organ.

    I was on a long wrestling hiatus when most of those happened, so I wouldn't be able to recall them one way or the other anyway. But given how many wrestling angles that are per year, I don't think not remembering some (or all) of the specifics means they must have all been horrible booking decisions. You at least remembered that those guys won tag team championships together at some point, so...
  14. The Ascension are a lost cause, so I think they should try with Strowman and Harper.

    I imagine The Dudleyz will capture the tag titles next and Harper/Strowman destroying everything in their path and finally taking the titles off of The Dudleyz would be nice!
  15. They are a lost cause to creative. They have the characters to make any feud work.
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  16. Personally I would be fine with it, as long as they continue to stay in the tag team division for a few more months. They are a solid team at the moment, and have great chemistry. No need to have them in the main event for too long, and having them around for the tag team at their current state doesn't seem bad.
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