What do you think of Baron Corbin so far?

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  1. So after a few weeks now since it's debut I wanna see what you all have to say about Baron Corbin.. Do you like him? Dislike him? Would you tweak him? Do you think he's going to be a big player for the WWE in the future?
    What do you think of his finisher, The "End of Days"?


  2. I know nothing of this guy, but I like that finisher, though. It's awesome. I'll soon grow to like him, I think, he'll eventually stop doing squash matches.

    Is he gonna be a big player for the company in the future? It's too early to tell at this point.
  3. Eh, he seems alright. Better than Bull IMO lol
  4. He's a solid enough worker. Saw a fan recorded house show match vs Kalisto from like a year ago that showed that he can also work longer matches. Just need to hear him talk.

    Him and Mojo came on at about the same time and from the same background (NFL) but Corbin seems to have taken to wrestling much much better.

    I think he'll be a reasonably big name given the chance to succeed. dunno if his gimmick will have a career long shelf life though.
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  5. I like him. Not sure if he's gonna be a success or anything but I've enjoyed what he's done so far.
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    He has definitely taken to wrestling much better than Mojo.. the only reason Mojo gets more hype is simply due to his gimmick IMO.
  7. Would like to learn more about him.

    He looks a hell of alot like Bray Wyatt in the face when Bray was known as husky harris.
  8. I wish that he would've been able to team with Graves as originally planned, they could've been a fairly successful team. He's taken what has been given to him and is making the most of it, and I've enjoyed it. Hopefully they'll have him doing something soon that's interesting other than squashing jobbers.
  9. Hopefully Corey will be able to wrestle again at some point, but WWE's hesitation with it makes me think he will just be more of a behind the scenes/commentator type player for the company.
  10. Here's to hoping Corey goes back to wrestling! I love the guy.
    Corey Graves = Awesomeness
  11. He honestly seems stale to me and overrated. Granted, he's having squash matches, which makes me not like him any ways, but even when he does show some of his abilities, I'm not feeling the hype so far. He seem very stiff and stale in the ring and his character seems like, "blah!" This is not to say that he's talentless, more or less, I feel that WWE isn't using him properly yet.
  12. Iono about stale or overrated, he's only had a few televised matches so far, definitely too little of an amount to judge how over/under-rated he is.. the Staleness though I'm not sure where that's coming from, he's got a nice look to him and a solid ring presence.

    We'll see though, I'll make more judgements when he gets into a serious feud for the first time but for now I'm a minor fan of his.
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  13. Opinions vary. And as I said, it's hard to tell a this point. Just, at this venture, I'm not too fond of him. WWE is putting him down a path that I don't like: powerhouse with a decent gimmick, barely talks, and does not really stand out. Again, not saying he's talentless at all. Just not impressed at all and his look and gimmick seem "alright," at best, so far.
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  14. Correct. That finisher is the only thing that stands out, though. I love it, btw. But so far Baron's been doing squash matches, which I have a problem with, same thing I had with Rusev when he came to Raw. I still don't like Rusev, even though he's stopped doing those 10-30 second matches.

    Anyways, I'm looking forward to seeing more of Corbin's abilities, mic skills and in ring work.
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  15. I liked the last episode of NXT where the fans counted during Corbin's match. Then in the following match they counted again and when Bull didn't win in the same amount of time they started booing him badly and chanted "Baron's Better!". I got the feeling like they are setting up a feud to develop between Baron and Bull, which I think would be great to watch.
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  16. Yeah, as long as they aren't squash matches. I hate that stuff.

    Baron Corbin's finisher is all that he has interesting about himself, the rest... Well, we haven't seen it yet. If he doesn't stop doing squash matches soon, I'll start hating him the same way I did with Rusev.
  17. I like him a lot and see the potential in him, but the sad part is I doubt he will reach the pinnacle especially with all the top guys down in NXT atm.
  18. I don't think they'll quite do a Rusev with him, they'll probably make him a bit more of a believable character eventually, I mean he does have a nice size and athletic ability, but not anything that should be considered WAY too dominant.
  19. This feud with Bull is great stuff. The crowd counting along. NXT>>>>
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