What Do You Think Of Mma Techniques In Wwe??

Discussion in 'RAW' started by shrayan, May 8, 2012.

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  1. At Er 2012 Brock Lesnar Showed Some Mixed Martial Arts Techniques And Some Ground And Pound Style Along With Some Major Grappling Techniques In The Wwe ---- Now Would You Like To See More Of This Mma Techniques In Wwe??


    I Actually Encourage It And Want More Of Grappling And Ground And Pound In Wwe
  2. I'm all for it. Kurt Angle and Samoa Joe put on a great match in 2008 that showed off a lot of MMA style of stuff.
  3. If right use, then OK. If it's like in ROH with Davey Richards and jiu-jitsu-MMA crap, then fak no. It's horrible. Fair use = cool.
  4. If it is used just a little I'm OK with it.
  5. Would love it.

    There needs to be an MMA invasion angle.
  6. I think it's cool.

    Like Dolph's said: Samoa Joe uses it, he was trained by MMA Legend Bas Rutten, so it's nice to see him use it.
  7. Chael Sonnen can spearhead that movement after he gets tooled by Silva :sonnen:

    He can bring Rampage with him since Rampage is leaving UFC after his next fight which is the last on his contract.

    Sonnen + Brock + Rampage running wild on WWE would be sick as fuck

    btw here is the Joe/Kurt match I was referring to in my first post to anyone that hasn't seen it



    Anything Davey Richards does is a fak no. So close to the Steen beatdown I can taste it :yay:
  8. Ortiz and a few others have also stated their desire to be in MMA. Your post could be quite likely to happen, Sonnen is good friends with Punk. How awesome would that be? Sonnen and like 5+ MMA guys just beating the crap out of everyone. No roster fights. No "OKAY GUYS, YOU INVADING WWE SO I'LL PUT YOU IN A MATCH WITH SHEAMUS!!!", they're not contracted. Treat them like they were fans invading. Coming out the crowd and interrupting random matches, breaking arms everywhere. God I'd mark hard for that with Sonnen absolutely
    decimating the mic.

  9. Remember: Santino Marella & ADR can kick some ass, they both did MMA.
  10. I enjoy anything that carries storylines forward. So long as the show is kept first and foremost in the minds of the performers and writers, I'm all for it.

  11. Border Wars: The Fall Of Daveyintenisty! :obama:
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