What do you think of the Hardyz WWE run?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Fair Fight Wrestling, Jun 26, 2017.

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  2. It has been kind of lackluster for me. I was expecting them to be broken by now. I know there is all that legal mess they have to sort out or whatever but still. I want them to be crazier than they have been. We need more strange gimmicks running, specially now as WWE in general has felt so stale.
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  3. What Legal Mess?
  4. Legal battle with TNA over the rights to the Broken persona
  5. Ok.... Then Why A Legal Battle? I mean was there already a broken gimmick or ?
  6. TNA/Anthem claims to have the intellectual property rights to the gimmick because it was created at TNA. The Hardyz claim the rights since they created the personas.
  7. Ah, I see. Wow
  8. It's fine from what I've seen, but I know watching the broken gimmick on Raw will be a complete disaster so hey, vintage Hardy's is fine by me. Especially with the matches they've had with Sheamus and Cesaro...Shane that this ultra-dominant tag team run makes teams and people feel much more stale than they should. Hardy's vs Revival, yes please!
  9. It's been a decent run so far.
  10. Why dnt they use that gimmick in the WWE? Or are they? Or no?
  11. Honestly, even without the gimmick, they're doing fine. They had a respectable number of months with the belts and have been booked strong for the most part. It doesn't mean we'd all be interested in seeing the Broken Universe in WWE, and I kind of would love it.

    Basically Anthem, the people who currently own TNA Impact Wrestling claim ownership to the gimmick because it was on their program when it debuted, despite the fact that Matt and Jeff also used it a lot on the Independent Circuit, and are the ones who put time, effort, their own money, and created the gimmick.
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  12. shit. They made two of the hottest acts in professional wrestling to just be other guys. This is why WWE is shit. They didn't even let them know who they were to the new fans.
  13. It went the way of every other nostalgia act that WWE brings back. Starts of hot but quickly dwindles down until it's just another cog in the undercard.
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  14. I'm guessing the WWE will run the Hardys nostalgia act into the ground before
    they hopefully allow them to do something different.
  15. Boring. But what can you really expect from 40 year old wrestlers that are on the mid card tag division
  16. Is this a thread or just an advertisement for "shitty wrestling podcast #5,024,460"?
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  17. No. Not even close. The broken gimmick is what brought them to prominence. WWE is just trying to take their sweet time with the hardys. There's the legal mess with Anthem, but they're still doing the broken references despite it all.

    In the WWE, they're trying to bring back the Hardy Boyz in their previous form, so that they can ease fans into the transition to another gimmick, possibly the Broken gimmick.

    The gimmick is interesting, my problem is, I can't stand watching TNA in the current form. Impact Wrestling as a show is good, but I can't get past the fact that Anthem isn't letting the guys "run amok" so to speak. It feels stifled in TNA/Anthem. And not enough "big boys" to pull me in. WWE isn't different, but I know Roman Reigns, I know Seth Rollins, I know Brock Lesnar. What does Anthem have? Bobby Lashley? They're pushing him to be the Sting of today, but he was way ahead of everyone else in TNA when he arrived. It's the same thing going on with El Patron. The fucked up part is, El Patron would benefit from staying in WWE, than going into TNA or any independent circuit. He doesn't have anything to go on with, but be this Mexican bully. Yep, that's his gimmick.

    Both companies are suffering from wrestling fatigue, that it will be an interesting rivalry in the next few years. I'm curious what WWE will do in the next 5, 10 years from now to maintain the market it has now...
    Yes, but it also benefits WWEForums, too... Sooo, just keep the replies going.
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  18. The Broken gimmick only got over in TNA because it was in TNA. When u have a production as awful as TNA u can get away with some wild things getting over there. It's not going to have nearly the same effect in WWE. The Hardys aren't going have creative control. It'll be a huge flop. They shouldn't even do it.
  19. It feels like they're just stuck in limbo right now. It feels like we're all just waiting for the Broken Hardys to re-emerge. Nostalgia Hardys is nice enough for a bit but we know they're so much more than that. On top of that Jeff still has the potential to become the biggest star on the roster again. And the Sheamus/Cesaro feud is treading water because the entire feud has just been the Hardys winning every single match every week except one Title match.
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  20. That's not treading water, that's storytelling. 50/50 booking helps no one. I beat you, you beat me, I beat you. That's horse shit and not how people get over. The Hardys have been booked strong and their work backs it up, with or without BROKEN DELETION or any of that crap.