What do you think the WWE is missing?

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  1. WWE has been stale for over 10 years now, with some brief moments of glory every now and then, but I think we can all agree that the product has been on a downhill curve. This thread is for ideas that the WWE should or could do to improve the show. Please no "Vince should die" try to have creative and positive ideas.

    In my opinion, it might sound cliche but I think there should be stables wars, I'm not talking about trios like the shield or new day. I mean like a huge stable of heels causing mayhem, then a stable of face could form itself to combat them, etc. I think it worked in the past and could work today and make the show more interesting. Another idea I have is, remove gimmicked PPVs, I am talking about the Hell in a Cell, Money in the bank, Elimination chamber, TLC, etc. I think those matches should be kept for very rare occasions and on important PPVs, bring back the good old PPV names like Armageddon, Judgement Day, No Way Out, etc. or even Great Balls Of Fire that was different at least, even bring back WCW PPV like Bash At The Beach or Halloween Haven. Finally bring back King of the Ring and actually have the winner get a push like back in the days.

    What are your ideas? What do you think the WWE is missing to be great?
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  2. WWE is missing the elements of trust, faith and the great river, so to speak. I'll go in order...

    Trust: Fan favorites are no longer what they appear to be. For a time, they'll be genuine and then all of a sudden, they'll betray someone, (i.e., Charlotte Flair, Daniel Bryan, The Bella Twins), making them unbelievable and their credibility will be irreversibly damaged.

    Faith: The Mcmahon's resurfacing on TV goes to show how much faith they have in the WWE developing without their involvement. The programming often does better without them, as their presence oftentimes seems excessive and it doesn't spice things up.

    The Great River: Flow is important for anything that circulates and WWE is failing to circulate new talent that really stands for anything. Tried and test vets like AJ Styles, Brock Lesnar, John Cena and Rey Mysterio are over the hilland the new guys don't really have that much personality, aside from the likes of Becky Lynch, Kevin Owens and Roman Reigns. A few aren't enough to keep the channel flowing and sooner or later, a damn will have to be built in order to redirect the flow and who is going to build it, with what?
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  3. Wow, now that is a very great way to put things into perspective.
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  4. The main criticisms fans have with raw has recently been removed and the show was still average. Get rid of repetitive matches, supposedly giving wrestlers leeway with promos, pushing faces...

    The short answer to this is competition.
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  5. You bring a very good point, the lack of competition has been a problem ever since WCW died. I think just now they are starting to get more competition with the AEW and NJPW.
  6. I don't don't know how successful and big AEW will be but, for the sake of wrestling let's hope its a massive success
  7. I think the WWE has competition now more than ever or in a long time. I mean with the internet and streaming, the indies are getting bigger and are more attractive to the wrestling fans, a few years ago the indies were mostly low budget gymnasium with 30 to 40 people watching. Now you see more and more indie promotion coming out and they have money and good shows.
  8. The problem with the stables idea is that most fans will see it as a rehashing of the old nWo angle. And WWE already did the Nexus thing so bringing in a stable of NXT guys wouldnt seem new. If they could somehow bring in The Elite (formally Bullet Club) then i think that could work but its never gonna happen with AEW starting.
  9. Also i think something that WWE should implement is a more open "trade policy" between superstars on Raw and Smackdown. Instead of having an annual superstar shakeup every year, i think it would be better if Shane and Stephanie could trade superstars with each other on any given moment. That way there could be more diverse feuds and matches and more unexpected moments on shows and PPVs. If at any given moment, AJ Styles could pop up on Raw, or Ronda Rousey could show up on Smackdown, and so on, i think it would give both shows more of an edge.
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  10. You are right about the stables being done over and over in the past, but I still think it can work if you come up with something new and different.
  11. They need another Hulk Hogan Stone Cold or The Rock like Superstar they haven't one since those guys That's why we still get excited to see them when they get wheeled out again. That's it simple they have to find a Superstar Quickly it's been too many years since those guys ruled. But Who???
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  12. Oh yeah the idea of a storyline where its gang warfare between loads of stables always gets suggested by fans. Good on paper. But not for me.
  13. I know they are currently missing Chris Jericho, and Neville PAC. I think they're in Jacksonville or something.
  14. LOL the 90s had there own Damien Sandows and Zack Ryders lol.
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  15. not as many Damiens & Zacks then tho Way more Stars then lol
  16. One of the things we need is a variety of Storylines, and not just The "I'm Better Than You" and "Past vs Present" Storyline.

    -Another thing we need is for them to past down The Mantle of Matches from the past Legends to the present superstars
    Like Masters of The Ladder Match was Shawn Michaels, Edge & Christian, and The Hardyz. They could make guys like Seth Rollins, Finn Balor, etc. Masters of that match.

    Masters of Hell in a Cell was Triple H and The Undertaker. You could make guys like Demon Balor, Bray Wyatt, Braun Strowman, Roman Reigns Masters.

    Hardcore Masters were Mick Foley, Terry Funk, etc. You can guys like Dean Ambrose, Rusev, Braun Strowman, etc. Masters

    Yeah we need new Masters of Special Matches

    - We need different formats for the show. Don't always start RAW and SMACKDOWN with a segment. They can start it with a match.

    - We need Legendary Wrestling Veterans with personality as Commentators again. Like Booker T, JBL, Taz, Lawler, Mick Foley, etc.
    We can use Legendary Non Wrestling Vets as Commentators likr The Legend known as Jim Ross.

    - WWE needs to build a Promo School. Because nowadays it takes years for guys to perfect a promo.
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  17. Go back and watch Raw in the 90s. They had PLENTY of crap wrestlers coming in and out. Different thing about back then was that wrestlers were more of entertainers with their names often times revolving around their gimmicks. Now wrestlers are more of just athletes, with little to no gimmick, and just some random generic first and last name.
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  18. I agree with a lot of what Ive read here so far. My thoughts on what's wrong is the roster is too large now for just two shows. Its so much larger than it was in the 90's that we don't see like 60% of the roster unless it's to put over a new talent. Add in NXT and yes you have an endless supply of talent but nowhere to put them when they "outgrow" that show. For me it's tough to think of new storyline stuff since Ive been watching wrestling since the late 70's so Ive seen pretty much every type of match there is. They drag out the rivalries for waaay too long now, theres no reason for them to drag on for 6+ months when there are so many other people who could be getting some ring time instead of watching another AJ vs Bryan match. Throw in the women who have now become actual wrestlers instead of just eye candy doing bikini pillow fights. Lita and Chyna were born at the wrong time, they would be killing it now days.
  19. I personally would change the random Raw/SD Booking.

    For example, Finn Balor is cutting a backstage promo - Jinder Mahal interrupts him - A Match was made in the Ad Break by the GM - Dodgy Finish - Rematch at PPV
    Like why should I care for that?

    Another problem is Running time. I know time is money for WWE but hardly money when no one is watching. For example 3hrs of Raw, It's tiring, boring and repetitive and now normal PPV's are going into overtime at over 3hrs a piece and WrestleMania being 5hrs plus a 2hr pre-show makes for an uncomfortable sitting that feels like a chore more than a treat. WWE attempting to fill these hrs is damaging them by plaguing our TVs with repetitive matches/promos and rivalries. Or I saw recently online that WWE should look at Raw as 3 1hr slots and not 3hrs.
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