What do you think the WWE is missing?

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  1. I agree with the roster being too large for the 2 main shows... That is why I think a stables war could help that cause IMO.
  3. Who do you think should go and who do you think should stay? WWE dissolved the contracts of 20 employees a little over a decade ago. Some of them were wrestlers, some corporate employees. WWE had to make a big cut and people like Goldberg and Scott Steiner had to be laid off as well, owing to the fact that the ones in power felt they could spend neither the time to think about what to do with them, nor the money to keep them. This harmed the company and it was years, until 2008, when the extra divas started coming in, when things began to change. What should be done about the numbers at the present time?
  4. Oh, I didn't mean to say they should cut people, my point was if they create a stable wars, then you can have those people joining stables as enforcers or as leaders or managers, they can have different roles... It would give more open slots for wrestlers to fill IMO.
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  5. Heart and Soul.
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  6. Have the bigger names cut back on the work, give some of the younger stars more time and have the bigger ones onscreen but in short promos. Put themin the ring less like they did with Hogan when he only turned up on free TV 6 times a year. GIves them more star power aura as you see them less and usually on PPV. They have over exposed the more popular wrestlers and wonder why they don't get over doing weekly 15+ min promos.
  7. The WWE is currently missing a good Universal Champion.
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  8. Another thing WWE is missing are characters. Think about it, not one single wrestler in WWE has character when compared to Ruthless Aggression, ThE AtTiTuDe ErA, The New Generation, and so forth.
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  9. Good writing and logic

    Less is more everybody says so even less is way too much - Smoke in Mirrors Cody Rhodes

    Ok so how about Raw is 1 hour of 205 and 2 hours of Raw on USA? NXT is one week Full Sail next week UK alternating. Cancel Main Event. Then less freaking belts
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  10. I totally agree on removing the themes PPV events. Matches like Mankind vs Undertaker at KOTR felt so special because the HIAC was used to end rivalries. Another thing I think is that they just tend to copy and paste matches. Watching NXT shows you that WWE can have 5 star technical masterpieces while the main roster seems content with having the same slow worked style of matches over and over again, save for the few wrestlers who have good matches on a regular basis( like AJ and Seth). I just think we are going to see WWE's best with the starting up of AEW, especially since they landed Jericho and will probably land Kenny Omega. We may be in for some exciting times in wrestling
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