What do you think they will do with Kane after Team hell no is over?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Mizfit, May 1, 2013.

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  1. Maybe a heel turn and feud with Daniel? Retire soon? probably get yet another tag team partner? Something different? What would you like to see?
  2. I hope that if as rumoured Taker wrestles at SS. It would be nice to have the brothers of destruction tag at SS for a final send off as a tag unit. Dreams i know but would be freaking epic specially if they set it up vs Show and Henry.
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  3. Considering how much his character has evolved during this run I could see him take som time off to return down the road with new focus.
  4. Feud or even dropping him out...
  5. I just checked his age. I had no idea he was 46 years old (figured he was 42 or 43.) He must be close to retirement.

    What Kane does following Team Hell No really depends on how Team Hell No break up. I don't foresee them breaking up as a result of Kane chokeslamming Bryan or Bryan snapping and attacking Kane and punishing him with a submission hold or anything somewhat standard and predictable like that. I think it may be the case that one of them gets injured (after or during their loss of the tag team titles) and the other is left on their own as a singles competitor. And by the time he comes back, the other guy has moved on and we see them pass in the hallways or something like that (a 'see you around then' or 'I'll have your back if you ever need it' kind of moment.) After that, Kane has perhaps one last run as a singles competitor before he possibly calls it a career.

    I agree with Cloud that one last run with Undertaker in a tag team match with just the two of them against someone (The Shield, obviously) would be great. I'm kinda thinking that's why they've put he and Undertaker together the last couple of months. First, it was with the CM Punk stuff concerning Bearer's death. Now with battling The Shield together. It's because one or both of them are close to retirement and they want to see Undertaker and Kane standing side to side by one another one last time before either of them goes.
  6. I am not sure. I know he has mentioned retiring in the past. He may take a break and do only a few appearances a year before completely retiring.
  7. I don't know, but I really think that he is close to retirement right now, WWE should have pushed him to the moon after his return with the mask last year, at least they should have given him Big Show's push.
  8. Well Kane is pretty active in researching politics and stuff like that. I can see him getting deals in news or talks shows, not a big one like CNN, but perhaps something smaller. That's after retirement of course, if he doesn't retire after this, I can see him in the midcard putting wrestlers over for a little while before going, or maybe even being used in a storyline with one of the world champions.
  9. They kinda did give him Big Show's push... Turn him heel, then job him out to Cena right away. :haha:
  10. Well, I think Kane will keep going until he breaks. But it'd be nice if he put some young guys over after the team breaks up.
  11. i hope they try turn him back into the big monster he should be
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  12. I think he should retire, honestly.
  13. He is still fantastic in the ring for his age and size, so I don't see retirement yet. They gave him his retirement reign on SmackDown three or so years ago apparently, so unless he suddenly decided to extend it, I don't see such a sentiment this time around. He can be used to put over the younger talent, but no unnecessary heel turns and such, he has turned so many times.
  14. Id love to see him turn to the "Big Red Monster" again and be unstoppable like he used to be back in the day, but they have killed that now by making him evil, then the next week he's in a comedy skit and so on. He does deserve 1 more major title though I recon just because of his loyalty to the WWE.
  15. I think he deserves one more run with the title, then he should have a Jericho like schedule. But guys over and such.
  16. Bryan for the WHC again!
  17. Age is just a number. Plenty of high profile wrestlers have gone much deeper into their careers than age 46, and Kane is still in tremendous shape. Not sure how he 'must' be close to retiring at all.
  18. Because most wrestlers seem to retire around the age of 50 at the latest. And I do believe he was considering retirement around the end of 2010.
  19. Damn I forgot that he was 46 years old, you really can't tell when watching him in the ring. I really don't know what else Kane has to accomplish in the WWE tbh. I really really enjoy/enjoyed Team Hell No too.
  20. A return of Isaac Yankem DDS :yay:
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