What do you think will start the next big war?

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by catlady, Dec 12, 2012.

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  1. I know we are at war... It never really stopped but, what do you think will start the next big war (WW3)? Will the US start something or will someone else? Will it be over money or oil? Debts or civil rights, religious reasons?

    What do you guys think?
  2. 'Murrica. They'll be fighting Israel's war(s) in the near future.
  3. America with a pinch of religion.
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  4. :why: 'Merica!!?!?!?

    This would not shock me. US always has to play the hero card. :pity:
  5. :true:
  6. There are no heroes in war. It is very irritating that money the government takes from me and us all funds this bs. I feel like I'm forced to "support" war and the troops, which I definitely am not.
  7. I don't support war.

    I am the only person that says all is NOT fair in love and war. :pity:
  8. Inevitably when humans have to deal with population limits and we are fighting over resources.
  9. This would never ever be a problem if dumb teenagers were not supported by the government. They should receive little to no financial support.
    If you're gonna have a child, you better be damn sure you can afford it, or be prepared to see it starve and freeze because you can't feed and clothe it. Incredibly harsh, but so is war.
  10. Back in the day. you son was a man as young as 12 years old because he has a job. A girl was considered a woman when she had her period, and usually married by 14, 15ish. The biggest problem is the eduction system and work force laws. If you can have a job when you are 13 and be done with school when you are 14, or 15... It would save a butt load of money and moral values.

    Bottom line is, kids are treated like kids till they are 18 which is bs.
  11. In some cases way past 18. I know people close to, and over their 30's still living at home with mommy and daddy.
  12. Is it bullshit? Life shouldn't be some big economic wave to keep the machine of life moving, I still believe in a life is a life and enjoy it the way you want to enjoy it, and is there anything more enjoyable than your childhood? My brother is 9 years old, I wouldn't want to picture him having a job in 3 years time when he still enjoys playing outside with his friends.

    This is quite fun to debate though, we talked about this in depth in sociology.
  13. In no way did I mean 12 years old. But if you're old enough to drink and smoke, you should be old enough to take care of yourself, and be self sufficient.
  14. I agree with you on the whole work thing but just think about it... If kids were considered adults at a younger age, they would be able to work sooner, move out of their parents house sooner, go to college sooner and retire sooner. People are being forced into waiting into their 70's to retire. Wouldn't you rather retire in your 40's?
  15. I think if a 13 year old wants a job and the parents are okay with it, it should be aloud. They will be able to save up money to get a car, move out or even for college funding.

    I had my first job when I was 15.5 which would have been sooner if I could legally work sooner. I liked having my own money.
  16. When I say job I mean full time , without going to school. I started working summers at 14, but I don't think kids should drop out to work full time. There are enough idiots in the world as it is.
  17. So you can start enjoying life at 40? Nope, I agree with what the statuesque is currently. Some of the most crucial years of development physically, mentally, and socially are in the teenage years (14-19).

    I think the problem is not enough younger people working which results in older people having to retire later. I don't think having them grow up faster will help that.
  18. I agree with that. Working full time over the summer or part time during school. Either way, if kids graduated at 15, instead of milking the teet as long as they do, I think it would be easier for them to think about college, figure out their lives and grow up faster. i know people younger then me with kids who still act like they are in middle school.
  19. For me, yes. My childhood sucked, the most enjoyable part of my life is still to come.

    This is somewhat true, only when whatever you choose to do has no negative on anyone else.
    A newborn child is a life, but is also a life wasted in the arms of the wrong parents, or teenage parents. There are some exceptions of course, but not often. I feel that teenage pregnancy is severely overlooked as a problem, more of them just means more of the governments budget is wasted, more areas become overcrowded, and kids generally become more stupid (which is already proven).
    How can this be prevented though? I have to agree that the famous faces teenagers idolize are partly to blame, and also certain TV shows. Censorship is the only way to block this, which removes a lot of freedom - something humans preach. This will only cause widespread protest though, and maybe even war.
    One way or another, war will happen. Look what technological breakthroughs has brought us, this is devolution.
  20. Its a double standard though. What kids are exposed to these days, most have the knowledge of an adult by 14. Many of them are having kids before they even graduate high school. I just don't agree with the system. I am not saying you have to start enjoying life after you retire, you can enjoy life now but the way the world is, you have to have money and the younger you are able to have your own income the better off life will be for you. Its hard to be a parent right now because not enough kids are getting jobs before they are 18, other ones go straight to college without even having had a job... I don't know. Alls I am saying is there should be an option, it the kid and the parent agree upon it.
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