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  1. WWE gets a lot of twists, and it usually happens when a superstar passes away. It was pretty ironic when Vince pretended to kill himself off, and then the next week had to come back to address Benoits death.

    So, simple question, what do you think would have happened if Benoit were still alive today, and Vince was still thought to be dead?

    That would have changed almost EVERYTHING in the WWE. Personally, I would have seen Benoit leave, and go to TNA or an independant wrestling league eventually, and with Vince? Not really sure...he barely shows up now and we don't really care, but what if?
  2. My prediction when I heard of that ludicrous storyline was that Vince faked his own death just to show how much people would miss him when he was gone. And it turns out I was right. I heard/read somewhere that it was Vince's way (character-wise) of finding out who was truly loyal to him, by seeing how people reacted and tried to grab for power when he was "dead."

    I think Benoit would be either retired, or just approaching it. He would be 46 years old next month. I still wish we would have gotten that Benoit/Punk match we were supposed to get that night. Why couldn't Benoit go crazy just one week later...
  3. Wasn't that for Eddie Guerrero
  4. Paul Bearer was going to resurrect Vince after a while, before hunting down the guy who did it. Probably Triple H
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