What do you usually do on fridays?

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Z.T.O, Apr 11, 2014.

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  1. F R I D A Y S

    Do you usually have plans on Friday night?

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  2. My Fridays are weird. I have the day off, but I have to work super fuggin early on Saturday mornings, so I can't really go out and be social on Friday nights. I usually have lunch with friends and chill before heading to bed as early as I can.
  3. I work, go home and eat and put kids to bed after, if the wife is up to it we have a go at it, and then I usually go jam with the only IRL friends I got. I play bass fyi
  4. Really? They told me you only played rusty trombone
  5. Thats my secondary instrument and thats really only when the skin flute is already taken.
  6. speaking of skin flutes and your sig, I need to bump the Reigns fap thread with some new content
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  7. I thought you might like that GIF. Want one for when he calls Renee baby girl? Could probably get it done this weekend some time.
  8. Hell the look on Renee's face after he says "Do I have a name?" in my sig says it all. That sly smile. She wants the D big time lol.
  9. The moisture from Renee's panties is palpable when Reigns calls her babygirl. I can almost guarantee she has to go backstage and buzz one out after she interviews him.
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  10. Cash my check. Work from 315 to 1145. Saturday off
  11. Usually work, but I have the day off tonight for some reason. So I guess play games and be on here. I don't really go out when I don't have money since I don't want to be "that guy".
  12. Most of the times, I'll just chill with friends at night. If not, I just watch some movies or TV shows.
  13. I usually go chill with some friends, I think I'm ashley going to head on over to the Hibachi today.
  14. The same as I do every other day.
  15. Work till 8 have a couple of pints with my gf head home and hit the sack for an early on Sat.
  16. have sex smoke weed watch movies or go out
  17. Not sure if he trolling or not.

    I usually to hanging out my girlfriend, or watch horror films with her. I don't party like i used to, due to the relationship.
  18. Wake up at 7am
    go to college
    converse with college folk being all dapper
    go home,
    go back out and play sports/video games with other people of my age (weather dependant),
    come home then fap again,
    Play retro video games,

    sleep at 2am, ready to wake up 10am the next morning
  19. not trolling
  20. The same thing I do every day, wait for Saturday.

    But yeah I pretty much do the same every day.
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