What do you want from the attitude era?

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  1. So the other night I'm on netflix and I turn on the Top 50 OMG Moments dvd and as I sat and watched some of the moments from the 90's and the attitude era I had a thought. Most people think that when fans say they want the attitude era back and we want it to be like it was in the 90's that we mean we want chair shots and busted tables and bloodied men limping their way to the backstage area but, and this may just be me, I don't believe that's the case.
    In my mind, as I sat and watched the likes of Jeff Jarret hitting the Fabulous Moolah with his guitar and Steve Austin driving his beer truck and Kurt Angle with the milk truck, I believe that while blood and violence is good every once and awhile I think the fans want to go back to the time when we couldn't watch RAW and know at 9:00 what was going to happen at 9:30, 10, 10:30, etc.
    We want to go back to a time when, and pardon me for using current superstars, you could watch Jack Swagger vs Zack Ryder and out of nowhere someone random like Tyson Kidd comes down and beats the hell out of Swagger and the fans have no idea why until the following RAW when Tyson comes out and cuts an amazing promo about how Swagger is completely opposite of him and as fans we don't realize they are friends in real life but they make us believe that on and off camera they HATE each other with a burning intense passion as they take us on a fued that lasts about three PPVs and is still interesting towards the end. Now I understand most people think that this will never happen again due to the growing knowledge of the business among the fans and people breaking kayfabe and such things but I believe with good writing and other things we could go back to a time where we, the fans, didn't know what was going to happen next.
    (maybe a WWE v TNA fued woud be a good start, like WWE vs WCW lol) :pity:
  2. Yes, they OMG moments. I cant even remember a single original OMG moment since the PG era. Miss stone cold coming out on a truck and spraying beer on everyone. WWE is becoming so predictable(yes i won the EC contest) and straight to the books now.
    But then again when u look at the average age of the forum members here its not heard to realize many wouldnt agree.
  3. CM Punk's shoot or leaving Chicago with the belt?
  4. - better characters
    - better stories
    - better feuds
    - better midcard
    - better atmosphere
    - better promos

    That's what I want back.
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  5. it was pretty original and probably the best wwe storyline for the year, but does 1 good storyline make up for it? And i remember Austin leaving with the belt too, so cant say its original either.
  6. The two things I want back from AT are the ratings and the popurlarity of wrestling. Nothing else but good ol' days of wrestling. However, that doesn't include the car crash TV.
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  7. Nexus, Summer of Punk. They're the moments that have been similar to AE. Both of those were "OMG" mark out moments.

    But for once I'm agreeing with JeebaK, there hasn't been enough and you're right, not everyone wants blood and cursing like JeebaK but just the shock value story-lines and an interesting midcard/tag-team division.

    Imagine if WWE did turn TV-14 and Vince bought TNA to start that era, TNA invasion angle and you have the likes of Bully Ray and Punk shooting at each-other. My god.
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  8. I don't care about blood I just want big moves and big promos and big storylines again.
  9. What they need to do is learn to take somethig good and run with it and keep it going. When the Nexus thing happened, the original Nexus, I was extatic because for the first time in awhile I was like the people in the audience and sat in my living room with my jaw on the floor. When Punk came down and screwed Cena in that match against Truth...well first I had a brain fart and was like WTF is Punk doing out here, but then I remembered lol...and then walked up and just sat indian style at the top of the ramp and shot the most epic promo in years, again, I was cheering and I was shocked and there were so many things running through my head for the following week. But then you come to the end of the story lines, and I understand that there are many contributing factors that go into putting the product on TV, and who wants to do what, and theres just alot of backstage stuff but if you ask me, the SummerSlam match with Cena and Punk was bad, or at least it seemed bad due to the epicness of MITB, and you saw that fued just kind of end, no fade out into other projects, no one injured and walking away from the ring for a bit, it just ended. The same with Nexus, they had the, in my opinion, lame, elimination tag match and after that the whole thing just kind of ended. When Punk came in and was taking over the Nexus, they should have worked that and had a fued with Punk and Barret and had the members of Nexus slowly go to their respective sides and then have the endgame.

    The one time I think they did kind of good was with Orton vs HHH back at Mania 25. When Orton punted Vince in the head that was another jaw dropping moment and from then on in it was actually a good storyline with a good ending. In my opinion at least. I mean after Orton punted Vince all the punts after that looked like shit but other than that everything was good, to me.
  10. The Punk / Cena feud didn't just end it branched off into differing directions after the closure was reached. Punk beat Cena twice proving him self to be the best, Nash came down and attacked him making him want revenge and Cena feuded with ADR for what he deemed as unfit way to win a title. It wasn't a great storyline but it didn't just end. It was finished. Aside from that I do agree that things need to reach a more natural closure.
  11. I want the exitement back.
    The matches are too predictable and no fun.
    I'm a big fan of the juicing, but PG ain't letting that happen no more.
    I was hoping that HHH would bleed at TLC vs Nash, HHH is one of the better juicers..
    I also would like to see a Street Fight now and then at a PPV, and ofcourse Diva's like in 2002 - 2007.
    Make King scream again with a sexy pose or bikini contest!
  12. now see I felt the whole thing with Cena and Punk did just kind of end they had a triple threat match at HIAC and then Punk went one way and Cena went another there, to me, was no real natural end. And bringing Kevin Nash back so freaking stupid it's not even funny, I'm not saying this because he was heel either, my parents are like that heels = bad and faces = great, but he, like Taker, isn't what he used to be and it was very very stupid.
  13. Bringing Nash back would have been fine if he didn't get in the ring and was part of a returning Kliq or something.
  14. This is why you're a good poster

    WWE is far too sterile. I want more signs flashing across my screen

    I want more wrestlers who look like they'd just busted out of prison

    Wrestling is farrr to fake at this point. It's too friendly... enough of this face/face WM crap

    Even iCarly is more risque than WWE at this point. Nickelodeon makes WWE look like Sesame Street.
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