What do you want to do when you get older?

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by kanenite95, Jun 10, 2012.

  1. or if you are already older what are you doing and is it what you wanted?

    As of now, i have no clue. Being a pastor always seemed interesting to me. Working with computers seems cool too.
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  2. Depends on what age you are. I'm 24 and I put little thought into long-term future plans. I hate thinking too far into the future. Makes me uncomfortable for some reason.
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  3. I graduate next year so i would like to find something I want to do so I'm in panic mode when i graduate
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  4. Getting into anything with music, I'm already in my music course, and learning how to play guitar, and reasearching about it on my freetime.
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  5. God bless you, i tried learning to play the guitar and just quit out of frustration lol
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  6. Well, It's not when I'm older. It's now. I'ma wrapper.
  7. for what? 3 musketeers? snickers?
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  8. I'm 21 and have 2 years left of college. I'm going to be involved with the sports media, most likely as a journalist, reporter, broadcaster, ect.
  9. I Wrap money. :burns:
  10. Quite similar, 15 + got 2 years left at school (Hopefully lol) and I'm hoping to be involved in sports journalism.

    Also gonna try gain my coaching badges for football in the summer when I turn 16. Would absolutely love to do some sort of football coaching, even if it's just a hobby.
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  11. :obama: nice
  12. I want to be not like Xanth.
  13. i want to be a pasta too.. maybe Farfalloni or Conchiglie.
  14. I'm 21 and just finished my third year of college. Once my essay is edited and published I have a official Bachelors in Multimedia and communication. I'd like to work within that field but I would also like to work as a bartender for a while, which is what I am currently looking into.
  15. I'm wanting to get a degree in Computer Science and then try my luck as a pro wrestler and see how that turns out that way if I fail at pro-wrestling I'll have something to fall back on to.
  16. I want to start my own Physio Therapist organisation, yes i want to rub peoples bodys :gusta:
  17. Damn.... I'm downright elderly compared to you guys....

    37 years old. Father of 3
    Business owner
    Works with people with high medical needs disabilities..... #needahandsandyravage?
    Coaches sons roller hockey team.

    Just downright busy

  18. Second year of high school (out of three). I don't know what I'm going to do yet, but I'll probably do something within the are of chemistry or biology.
  19. LOL
  20. I'm gonna be Booker T. :booker:
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