What do you want to happen between Heyman/Punk?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Sep 27, 2012.

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  1. They themselves have told us to stick around as it's "going to get good", so what do you think it is? I've seen some people bash this combination as nothing really breathtaking has happened yet (although the promos are constantly 10/10) and that Punk doesn't need a mouth piece. Heyman isn't Punk's mouthpiece so I never quite understood that.

    But anyway, what would you like to happen if indeed something big is happening. I personally would like to see a scenario where Punk/Heyman are in a position of kayfabe power to really change the WWE. Have it built around them like early Nexus was.
  2. How isn't he? Yes, Punk still cuts promos of his own but Heyman is constantly speaking on his behalf.

    as for your question, I don't expect anything significant to develop from it. IMO WWE is just giving smarks something to enjoy while they are in a relatively uneventful period of booking.
  3. I'm not sure anything spectacular will happen. I believe that the reason Heyman is there is so they don't overdo Punk's microphone time. Yeah, he's brilliant at it, but he was involved in around 30 minutes of promo time overall in the show I would say, so Heyman doing 10 minutes of that is not a bad thing at all. Of course - like pretty much everyone else on this board - I would love Ambrose and Barrett to join to make some super stable, however I do not see this happening at all. I get the feeling that WWE are only going through with this Punk/Heyman thing to keep Punk happy (and/or the reason stated above), I'm not so sure they have any big plans as such.
  4. I don't really have any ideas. I just hope it doesn't continue as it is currently, but I'm quite sure it'll get better with time, so I'll just sit and watch until it happens.
  5. Not sure what always makes people think this way lmao.
  6. #TeamOptimism :downer:
  7. Well see since both Punk and Heyman told everyone on Twitter that it's gonna be "one hell of a year" earlier this year, its gotta be something big. They've only just recently teamed up, and obviously as said before, Punk doesn't need a mouthpiece since he's pretty much the best talked in the company. But the fact that they'r teamed up, along with every week the color commentators saying stuff like "unknown relationship", means that something big is brewing, and knowing them both they wouldn't have it any other way, They wouldn't simply team up for the heck of it really.

    Personally, I really hope they start whatever they'r gonna do soon, because RAW is getting quite boring and the whole "Respect" heel thing with Punk is getting on my nerves. CM Punk changed the company a year ago, then he lay low until now. And as everyone knows, a new WWE Championship Belt has been created and should be introduced soon, and it should be done by CM Punk.

    I guess we'll all just have to wait and see what happens, its the beauty of the WWE, they always keep you hooked.
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