What do you want to see in WWE 2K15?!

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  1. Seriously, what do you want to see in WWE 2K15?! @Crayo You can give me that Gamer badge now :emoji_wink:
  2. Boobs
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  3. Plenty of boobs in the WWE Games franchise. [​IMG] found this on Google images. Made me giggle
  4. Fine, vagina on a pole match
  5. Searched up Vagina on a pole Match... [​IMG]
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  6. More than 6 Players in the ring.
    Diva Royal Rumbles.
    More Story Designer scenes.
    A site that allows us to upload things to be placed as logos instead of those hackers that put us down and post things like "Oooh look i hacked this into the game, aren't i talented".
    Traditional Survivor Series Elimination tag team match. 5 On 5
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  7. War Games, World War 3. Hands down.
  8. How would that be handled lol
  9. Please tell me you know how those match types work.
  10. Yeah, but 2 rings and one huge cage... That would be..... weird to me lol... but now that I think about it. Awesome for Online Tag Matches. Drag someone to the other ring and hit him with a finisher and join your partner on the assault of the other person. AWESOME. Nevermind, I thought about hwo they could do it.
  11. War Games would be fucking insane if they put it in. I've wanted it for a long time, and I've never gotten it.

    OT: Should I join IWT?
  12. Yeah, it would be hard for them to do that.

    Yeah, you could challenge people to dark matches at the moment. SInce, the qualifiers are coming up.
  13. Iunno, they would just have to put two rings and two cages. You'd have to time when people enter the cells and all, and all of the other match shish. Seems like they could pull it off, but the slowdown would probably be insane.

    OT: Iunno, where do I signup.
  14. Look forward to seeing what you will be doing in IWT.
  15. I'm a creative son of a bitch with alot of time. So this ought to be good. Anyways, how does one start a dark match.

    On-topic: I forgot to add BRING FUCKING BURIED ALIVE BACK.
  16. I also want.

    More Customization.
    I want Grunts back (I don't know if any recalls when superstars or diva's use to hit eachother they use to grunt in pain, Made it realistic.)
    Three Stages of hell match to return.
    Mangers Can Wrestle.
    No Early Evictions for mangers when defending their superstar/diva who is wrestling.
    No More Mix Tag, (Yes you heard me.) It should be equal Woman should be able to fight men again.
    No More Crotch/ Nipple Blur. I like to make custom tops and I am sick of that square in the way.
    Moderated Xbox Live Games. Because the hackers are unbelievable in 2K14.
    More Realistic Ring outs when in a battle royal, or rumble match. Bring in new actions.
    Turn The Royal Match Camera back around to the place it was! I was raised with the rumble match to see the superstars come out to the ring.
    Louder Fans.
    And Chocolate for venting my frustration and emotions about what i want.

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  17. Also, remove the damn finishers in the Royal Rumbles. It makes eliminating people way too damn easy.
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