What does DB have to do to look like a legitimate threat?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Senhor Perfect, Sep 3, 2013.

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  1. As we all know he's been getting beat on every week since Orton cashed in. IMO the only way the character can recover from this is by losing at NOC.

    Losing you say? How will that help him you ask? Quite simple, let me explain:

    DB and Orton have their match, near the end just when it seems DB is going to finish Orton off; Steph distracts the ref, Hunter hits the pedigree, and Orton wins. This leads to DB demanding retribution and a rematch. HHH says that he can have his rematch, only if he can beat him at the next PPV. If he loses he can never compete for the title again or some other stupid stip. DB goes on to the beat the odds and defeat HHH, making him look super strong and credible before ultimately beating Orton at Survivor Series.

    This not only makes the DB character look great, but gives them 2 months of story without it getting too stale.

  2. I don't think the character is looking bad due to the beatdowns. They are doing the right thing in establishing that their actually is a reign of terror to fight against before the faces strikes back. Bryan is getting the underdog treatment. He's not exactly booked the be a loser or look weak just yet.
  3. Be cool if they could choose a different method of a beat down though. Triple powerbomb after triple powerbomb............*yawn*
  4. He already looks like a legitimate threat. He went over John Cena of all people.

    He's the underdog in this story against the McMahons/HHH so to see him receive multiple beat downs isn't gonna make the people stop believing in him or anything; It's one man against several and no one is allowed to help him, as we can see. The same happened when it was Austin against Vince and whatever obstacles McMahon tried to put in front of him (including a few beat downs by the Corporation/Corporate Ministry.) Bryan will only start to look weak if he ends up booked similar to Ryback where he repeatedly loses without ever overcoming the odds. But they're obviously not gonna make that mistake. His booking is already far better than any sort of push or victory that Ryback has ever received and they're also correcting a couple of mistakes that they made during Punk's initial push in the summer of 2011 as well (given the similarities between that and Bryan's recent push.)
  5. Austin always got some licks in though (ie. beer truck). He has to have some sort of retaliation or beat down of his own.
  6. But those didn't start happening until the opposition was firmly established. Which is what is happening now. Once Trips reign of terror is properly established the babyfaces and Bryan especially will start fighting back.
  7. Hopefully that happens soon, or they'll lose many people's interest
  8. To look like a legitimate threat, Bryan has to be willing to break the rules.

    When Mr. McMahon wouldn't give Mick Foley his title shot, Foley put Shane in a submission move and wouldn't let go until Vince gave him the match. Yeah, it was pretty sadistic, but if Foley kept playing by their rules, he never would've gotten anywhere. Bryan needs to start hitting back harder (pissing them off doesn't count). And at this point, it wouldn't make sense for Triple H and Orton to give Bryan a fair match at Night of Champions. So unless there's a special stipulation TBD or something, Bryan's gonna get screwed.

  9. Its only been three Raws since Summerslam. We haven't even reached the next PPV yet, so there's still plenty of time for Bryan to get some retribution. As Stopspot said, they're still establishing the HHH regime in a way to make it seem as if fighting against them is an impossible battle to win.
  10. He has to start taking a page out of Austin's book and start randomly attacking people when they are alone. Austin couldnt face everyone on his own, but he lowered the number of opponents he face by taking someone out while they were on the shitter, if he had too. That's why Daniel Bryan needs to do... I hope WWE doesnt go the route of Cena coming back and saving him.
  11. i dont get it. He has to be beat 3-4 vs 1 to get put down. He looks legit as fuck, hes taken on the shield better than anyone has so far one on 3. He will get his but it will be a few months.
  12. He's not looking weak by any means, he's being put down by lots of people every time. Heels have to get heat first before the babyfaces beat them.
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