What does it take to be a top maineventer?

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  1. You get a lot of people that go in and out of the mainevent, but what does it take to be always at the top? What does it take to be there? Mic skills? In-ring talent? A good look? A persona? What is the most important of the four to be a top maineventer?

    For me, I must say mic skills followed by in-ring skills. Usually the people at the top are very interesting, they're someone that you want to watch week in week out as the champ. So, they can't be boring. In-ring skills are very important too. The mic work can set a feud, but the match is still the big payoff. It's the thing that the promo's all lead into. If the match is boring, the promos leading into it can be forgotten quite easily. However, if the match is great, it will be looked upon for years to come.

    That's my opinion on it, what's yours?
  2. Mic skills and in ring skills are definitely needed.
    Mic skill is 2nd most needed thing, and in ring skills is the 3rd most needed skills.
    But the first most needed thing, that seperates true legends from guys who get a few main event run and then hop down to mid card is the ability to keep reinventing himself.
    That is the factor that John Cena is 0 at, thats one of the biggest reason majority of wwe fans hate him.
    That is the factor why Tripple H had such a big main even heel run. That is why he will always be one of the best heels of the business.
    Look at tripple H, many people hate him here but this is how his heel run went.
    He was first a normal heel wrestler, when it was getting old, he formed the Mcmahon family gimmick with vince and shane and stephney in his corner to freshen things up, after that he turned on stephnie to freshen it up again then he created another legendery team of all times, D Generation X with Chyna Shawn X Pac and Nash, x pac and nash left after a few years, After that when the story was getting old he turned on Shawn and thus began the legendery tripple h vs shawn rivalry, after that he went solo again and after a few years formed another legendery team of this generation Evolution with Batista Flair and Orton. Soon Orton got expelled from the group and after a few years the group broke up again and then he went solo and slowly turned to face, after a few months with face, he started D Generation X with Shawn again taking down the Mcmahons.

    So u see every few years he reinvented himself and thats the most important thing. No matter how skillled u r with mic, no matter how much in ring skills u have, if u dont keep freshening things up ur act will become stale and boring, seems to be the problem with most of the superstars these days.
  3. Charisma. You can learn how to work a mic like Jericho or wrestle like Bryan but you can't learn the ability to draw people's attention towards you. That and being in the good books of the boys backstage.
  4. Oh dear that's hilarious.

    1) He's still liked more by the majority of fans, it's just smarks that hate him (and a few marks). He's more or less cheered more than he's boo'd at arenas.
    2) He went from thuganomics heel to superman, that's reinventing himself. It's clearly worked, he's the biggest draw by a country mile.

    Your posts irritate me all the time.

  5. I like how u always make posts without backing them up with a single evidence. I can hear "cena sucks" chant more than "we love cena" chants at the tv. Its not just smarks who hate him, its just little kids that like him. Pretty much like Justin Bieber of wwe.

    2)Reinventing yourself once in 8 years doesnt change anything. He certainly isnt the biggest draw, if he was he wouldnt get booed as a face.

    Your posts are just terrobly idiotic, but im not surprised at all since this is coming from a pg era fan.

  6. John Cena is the biggest draw read this : http://www.wrestlezone.com/news/247813-report-how-much-money-cena-was-worth-to-wwe-in-2011

    ESPN's financial expert Michele Steele tweeted on Tuesday that John Cena was worth $106 million in retail value to WWE in 2011.
  7. The most important factors to have is a marketable look (which is usually just a way of saying being a big guy, or in other words, being at least 6'1 tall and around or over 230-240 pounds) and having character/charisma (which includes both personality and mic skills) that can draw in the people and make them care about you. All of the most successful guys in wrestling have had these two traits. Hogan, Austin, Rock, Cena, Undertaker, Andre, Flair, etc.

    Unfortunately, in-ring skills come in last place. It really doesn't matter (and never has) whether you are actually a good/great wrestler or not. It is not a major factor in being over with the fans and thus being a main eventer and being able to sell tickets and draw money.
  8. You got to be able to talk, wrestle, & pull a reaction.

  9. To elaborate on what Seabs mentioned, I'd note how important faith in the guy is.

    Miz/Punk switched Mania opponents by Rumble '11 in large part b/c WWE had faith in the Miz

    At one point it was Miz/Orton and Cena/Punk, yet WWE backtracked on it.

    Everything mentioned here is accurate, but faith in 'the guy' is paramount in that company
  10. What ever suits Vince makes you a top main eventer. Or else yeah skills listed earlier are necessary for other companies.

    Mainly you need balls.
  11. In order:

    1) Charisma
    2) Mic skills
    3) Ring ability (sad truth of WWE)
    4) Politics
    5) The look/It factor
    6) Luck/ A chance.

  12. Umm... I would hope so
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