What does Sheamful do now

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Crayo, Feb 18, 2013.

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  1. After losing to Shield last night and having no feud to full on, what does he do for Wrestlemania? Who do you think they'll put him in a feud with?
  2. They might swerve us with putting him against Brock or something out of the blue and saving Trips vs Brock 2 for a later date since Brock has signed a new contract. This is unlikely though. He will have something to do since I don't see Sheamus missing mania.
  3. I reckon it'll be him and Orton fueding. I have no idea why he didn't take the pin last night, that loss wouldn't have hurt him, it definitely lost Ryback some credibility.
  4. Go back to Ireland
  5. Turn heel, create a stable of Warriors (Titus O'Neil, That Connor guy from NXT) and run amock.
  6. Heel Orton vs Sheamus?
  7. The day Connor O'Brian takes orders from Sheamus hell will freeze over.
  8. Grab a blanket.
  9. Connor is miles ahead of Sheamus in the ring and he plays a way better heel. In a stable with those two Sheamus would play the role of towel boy.
  10. You are forgetting the ierarchy of the WWE.
  11. I think they made Ryback lose to keep him involved with Shield, and Sheamus will probably be put in some random feud (with Henry possibly?), only reason that I can come up with.
  12. AW: What does Sheamful do now

    Yeah, Henry would be a possibility. There is no way, that they could turn him heel and it wouldn't make much sense at this point...
  13. Figure it will be Justice League vs Shield Against Injustice II, this time with Orton instead of Cena.

    It may set up a Sheamus or Orton heel turn at least.
  14. It is really easy to say that when this other dude hasn't been overexposed like Sheamus. In reality if you swapped the twos situations people would be on Sheamus' dick and cry about how stale the other clown is.
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  15. When you're right you're really right.

    I honestly don't think Sheamus is that bad tbh, he's just the whipping boy around here sadly.

    Is he good enough for the push he got ? IMO no but neither are a lot of guys they pushed to the moon so suddenly.
  16. = IWC
  17. Huh? I've seen Connor as much as you have and he isn't better in the ring than Sheamus. Sheamus isn't really a bad ring worker he's just ridiculously unfit it seems. Also, I found Sheamus to be a great heel during his first run. We haven't seen much of Connor as a heel at all to be honest. His NXT run was simply embarrassing and his current NXT run is great, but it's only been a few months.
  18. Well I hope he feuds with Orton, it will lead to an Orton Heel turn which is a good thing, but I guess I read somewhere that they are planning Sheamus VS Mark Henry at WreslteMania, which doesn't seem good for Mark Henry's momentum :sad:
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