What does this leave for the WHC MITB lineup?

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Dolph'sZiggler, Jun 25, 2013.

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  1. With Ryback/Jericho being announced, Ziggler getting his title re-match and the WWE MITB match having such star power, who will be in the WHC MITB match and who wins the match?

    I realize we will probably find out on SD tomorrow, but we can speculate until then. It seems like it will have to be heel heavy by default


    seem like locks

    then Cesaro maybe. Miz? Axel? Sort of think they will be going 1 on 1. Shield members? Big E? I literally can't think of anymore faces outside of Miz that are even a possibility. R-Truth seems like a bit of a stretch.
  2. Christian, Cesaro and possibly the returning Big Show? :urm:
  3. Christian is in the WWE Title MITB match. Big show crossed my mind, and I guess he could always be back as a face since they seem to flip a coin before every appearance of his to determine if he will go out as a heel or face.
  4. I guess I wrongfully assumed they were having only one MITB match this year. (It seemed like they named off most everyone for the one tonight.)

    Caesro, Barrett, Miz, Big Show, Ambrose (maybe?), Rhodes, Sandow, Ziggler?
  5. Justin Gabriel is always good for a couple of insane spots. A returning babyface Big Show? Sin Cara? Evan Bourne is on the cusp of returning as well. Or they could debut a NXT talent for it. Could be a cool thing to do on the pre show, run a NXT battle royal and the winner gets a spot in the ladder match. Like the tournament they did at the rumble which resulted in "What the fuck is a Bo Dallas?"
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  6. Oh shit! Christian is chasing the WWE Title? :fap:
    He's probably the least hyped guy in it.
    Anyways, if Sandow/Sheamus crap is done, I can see them thrown in the mix.

  7. It's a possibility I hadn't really considered, but I suppose it could happen. I hope not.
  8. Okay, now Sheamus is in RAW's MITB? eww
    I expect Daniel Bryan, RVD and Christian to have good spots in RAW's MITB match.
  9. Sandow jobs to Sheamus tomorrow in a Dublin Street Fight, should be the feud conclusion.
  10. I can see one of the 3MB guys getting a spot, most likely Slater. He picked up a win over Khali a few weeks back and he is a heat magnet. Also Ryder might get a spot. He's on the poster of the event if that means anything.
  11. Philly is East Coast enough that Ryder would probably get a decent crowd reaction
  12. Not to mention smarky and Ryder still has some smark fans going for him. He'll be a solid worker in it without any major spots, maybe a rough ryder off a ladder but that's as far as I will stretch it.

    I think Gabriel will do all the big spots if he gets a spot.
  13. when was the last time Gabriel was on SD or Raw? Won a match? Doubt he is included.

    maybe one or both of the PTP?! they are getting a min-push rubbing elbows with Punk this week and next.
  14. MITB tends to be a show were unpushed guys can get a spot. Last year they had an un pushed Tyson Kidd get a spot by the way off roll up pin on Tensai so that he could fill a spot. They could run a mini tournament on Smackdown to fill some spots. Also Gabriel trades wins with the 3MB on Main Event most weeks so he actually has some TV exposure.
  15. Hulu exposure*
  16. Main Event is on Ion and gets decent ratings for basic cable from what I understand.
  17. Rhodes
    Sin Cara/3MB/Ambrose
  18. No idea, but it plays the jobber MITB match role by default. I can't think of anyone left that I would particularly enjoy winning it. I guess Rhodes, but he's boring as hell recently. My pick would be Barrett.
  19. INB4 out of the blue Jay Briscoe appearance. He then uses the briefcase to beat up gay people.
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  20. Rhodes
    Big E
    Great Khali (the loser of ADR vs Dolph attacks him backstage and steals his spot...)
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