What does this promo mean for Cena?

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  1. In the video they acknowledge the contrast in love & hate for Cena (finally). Cena says it doesn't effect him, he understands why people are complacent with him but he's just him and he'll "never change". Instantly it makes me think at mania' Cena will not turn heel BUT will change his character. Maybe more serious/aggression.

    Then the video turns into all about how good Cena is and I was thinking "sigh they really want people to love this guy" but the ending made me think, Cena says "The match against The Rock at wrestlemania means everything... [then cuts to more Cena stuff,t hen back to Cena about 30 seconds later] .. everything" Now hang on there, that extra emphasis could swing in favour for the biggest heel turn in WWE history. Are they brave enough to do it?

    Now this is WWE, so you can't rule out the option of Cena turning up in Miami, beating Rock clean and rising above hate.
  2. What I can say that the uploader of WWE's Youtube channel is a complete faggot.
  3. :huh:
  4. Look at the video title @[seabs].
  5. You confused me @[Tzesi]?
  6. "Follow John Cena's life as he prepares for his match against The Rock at WrestleMania XXVIII". That's the title and I can't see anything wrong with it. @[CM Punk] can you see any errors in the title?
  7. It's too long,the video won't get SEO'd.
  8. It's on the WWE's official channel so it will get loads of views anyway.
  9. I know that but WWE won't get any new viewers from that video.
  10. Good. Because if too many people do what I do and try to predict it, someone will get it right, and then they'll abandon their plans and keep him like he is now :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:
  11. I doubt any video is going to gain them new viewers tbh. It's just to keep the current fans interested like the videos on wwe.com or the facebook fan pages.
  12. @[seabs] Still, how a fan of WWE can watch that video? It won't be indexed.
  13. http://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=John+cena

    Look at the first video.
  14. LOL

    WWE have their ways I guess.
  15. @[seabs] Look at the first video

  16. And? People will search Youtube to see videos won't they? I sure know if I'm going to watch a video I'll search youtube not google.
  17. How long do you think it's going to be there?
    WWE probably has the right to feature videos as a big company it is by paying or not.
    After the "campaign" is over it's going to hang out with the rebecca black videos as nobody ever watches them anymore.
  18. Of course it will. The video is irrelevant after wrestlemania. They'll have another to take it's place. That's the point of this channel. This video won't be on top but the WWE's channel will be.
  19. Wrestlemania is in two months.
    Again I don't see why it shouldn't get any views after Wrestlemania.

    I guess you're never watching old videos.
  20. The video is a promo for WM. The whole point is to make people think "Omg what's going to happen, I'll buy and find out" No point having a selling point promo as the top video for "John Cena" for a long period. As seabs said, the WWE's channel will always be top.