What does TNA see in ODB?

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    Really, I wouldn't want this women within 10 miles distance from where I am.
    I was never really a fan of hers, although she put on some good matches back in the day along side with Gail Kim and Awesome Kong, but other than that she's gross.

    When they brought her back, I was like alright, it's pretty cool because I used to watch her back in the day, but she hasn't brought anything to the table since her return. She's married with EY and has those occasional matches.

  2. What's with the random italics?
  3. I like to be original while typing threads.
    I've done this for months now.
  4. Made it normal. :downer:
  5. I'd be willing to bet she's very inexpensive, and she already has a relationship with the fans. Much easier to keep bringing her back then having to bring in a green rookie.
  6. She's in interesting character.
  7. She's an overweight helluva pussy, that's what they see. :ryan:
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