What does WWE do right?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Crayo, Mar 17, 2013.

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  1. There are so many threads complaining about the many things WWE does wrong (in our opinions), so let's change it up a little bit. What does WWE do right? What does WWE do that is rather exceptional?

  2. Edit: Read the thread wrong. :downer:

    - Keeping storylines somewhat interesting
  3. I like how they have been booking their NXT or "Younger" talents strong early on.
  4. -Give us things to talk about. So much easier to talk WWE than any other company.
    -Card structure, one of the underlying storylines in WWE is how everyone's trying to climb the ladder, well it's clearly defined. Whether or not they handle it well is up to you.
    -Some degree of something for everyone. Women love Cena and Orton. Kids love Brodus and Tensai. Smarks love Punk and Bryan. There aee the legends for the AE crowd and the Shield for those of us who've moved on.
    -Speaking of something for everyone, WWE seem to care about the IWC. Punk just had a historic title reign. The Shield are main-eventers. Bryan and Cesaro are relevant. Ziggler can cash in anytime. They're gobbling up indy stars left and right. Plenty of other guys on the roster like Sandow, Rhodes, Barrett, and Christian can be pushed at any time. Don't see how you can't love the current roster.
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  5. :lol1: YOU GOT ME!? I can't think of anything good that do!? :pipebomb: #THETRUE!
  6. What about letting CM Punk hold the title for over a year?
  7. They are pretty good at making video packages. I could be watching a hype vid for a PPV match between two guys I didn't even realize were feuding and be like "damn this promo package is great"
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  8. WWE actually does plenty right in my opinion. Their booking of The Shield, while it has flaws and they could do so much more with them, it has undeniably been successful and worked out well for the three (so far anyway).

    But to get more broad and less specific, WWE's pretty good with time allocation. This might seem odd when considering the amount of time they spend with recaps and stuff, but that's not the aspect I'm focusing on. During CM Punk's WWE Championship reign, he almost never closed shows before turning heel. One fact that I find is often ignored is how often his match is giving the most time in lieu of it. At Extreme Rules, Over The Limit, & Money In The Bank, his match got the most time. Several times when it didn't, like No Way Out or Elimination Chamber, it was only off by about a minute. On Raw, it seems the matches that get the most time are the ones with your Bryans, Zigglers, Jerichos, etc. I mean, when was the last time someone like Khali got a decent length match? Also, I can hardly think of a PPV match recently that I thought went on too long or was too short. At least in the past two PPVs, well except Diva matches (and maybe Punk Rock I). You get what I'm saying though, that with the amount of time they are planning to give to wrestling on a given show, they at least are good enough to distribute more of it to the better wrestlers.

    I'm going to stop there since I did want to be redundant and quite a few of what I can think of has already been said.
  9. yes but he should me main event wm29! and wwe fuck that up!
  10. Saturday morning slam and NXT
  11. I think you could make a case for their marketing team as well. I saw Wrestlemania 28 stuff everywhere last year. We had numerous ads ourselves here.
  12. Their production values are untouchable. Camera angles, pyro, audio, video packages, etc.
  13. I agree with you, they are top notch when it comes to that. Their video packages speak for themselves, I don't really need to say much else about them, they are on a whole nother level. Another thing you mentioned is their camera angles. I absolutely love their angles and zooms/shakiness, especially during beat downs or attacks. It really adds to it, and makes it seem a hell of a lot more impactful.
  14. Make good matches for WM, because some of them are good (I don't like the ADR vs Swagger)
  15. They're great at making video packages like Dolph'sZiggler said as they're really entertaining, simple, effective and most defiantly gets the viewer interested regardless of whether he was anticipating the match before hand or not.

    I think they've been doing good stuff with the younger talent recently too, but with that being said they could make a few adjustments here and there, e.g, Big E Langston, but yeah they're using them somewhat in a nice way.
  16. That is a given. When you have an endless supply of money you are going to be able to tell people about your shitty product.
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