What does wweforums offer you?

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  1. It's offered me conversation about a plethora of topics. Not only our love for sports entertainment, but sports, gaming, politics. I remember being on here during the presidential election, and thought provoking debates that were had between members. Insults may be had, but at the end of the day we all respect each other. What wweforums offers most above all is friendship.

    What does it offer you?
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  2. Everyone here is retarded
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  3. I'm not as active as some people, so mostly it offers a place to get some context for wrestling news/events. I always like to know what other people think about certain things. Also, the forum does offer a surprising amount of entertainment. I've never been a fan of reality TV (or reality forums in this case) but some of the exchanges between members around here are pure gold.
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  4. It's almost a family like feel. You know the users, and it's a personable place for many. I think the exchanges you speak of are hilarious, and also understood.
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    Mature(and not so mature) conversations between fellow wrestling fans about plenty of topics. Plus,the homoerotic vibe I get from here makes me feel right at home.:gusta:
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  6. It offers me some pretty funny and cool conversations with people. This site has a great community, and although 85% of the people are mature as fuck, they are still funny as fuck. :emoji_slight_smile:
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  7. Actually I feel it's a better place for me to talk to people with I have a lot in common with. Everyday I get to know a bit more about everyone
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  8. Originally I joined for a place to continue to learn about wrestling and have a nice community to talk about it with. Since then, it's a forum I look forward to checking everyday and contributing to on a variety of topics. The members are great and I'm glad I joined here when I did :emoji_slight_smile:
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  9. new friends and news about wwe.
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  10. Fun place to fuck around with a bunch of cool people. So I guess entertainment.
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  11. Wrestling talk, beard talk, sports talk, :ksi: talk

    What more could you ask for?
  12. I'll ignore the Michaelangelo avatar coughworstturtlecough. It offers me a place to exchange my opinions on something I make a habit of watching every week. (yes I watch Smackdown)
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  13. Uhm, a place to talk about one of my longest running passions, WWE.

    Also lets me vent my frustrations at the world :lol1:

    Not to mention, all the awesome people I've met here.
  14. Ohh, you guys :yay:
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    WWEForums provides me with a place to express my inner self-being through vulgarity. Also a place to shit on Frank.
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  16. He just wants everything to be about him.
  17. A forum where I can provide my opinions without a filter. Most everyone here is pretty chill and I like that we can discuss things, disagree and still just be cool about it.
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  18. Read this in Mark Wahlberg's Boston accent for some reason... lol
  19. A place to talk about WWE, TNA and other wrestling companies with interesting member and not get shit on by half the forums for an opinion. It also provide me a place to talk ab out other stuff, such as music, TV shows, and video games as well. This place connects me with a lot of cool members of different varieties. It's also a place to express creativity, such as showing self made videos, writing fantasy booking or participating in the IWT/FSW section. This place also provides outlets in many ways, stress and humor are two most reasons. Since this place isn't nazi strict, we can have our fun, while not taking it to far, and banning doesn't happen. It also offers some more setups, like cash and member of the month, two things you have to earn to get(and awards whenever they return). It also offers a place to discuss multiple independent companies, or foreign companies that are not WWE or TNA.
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  20. This forum offers me the chance to have friendships with people all over the world. I can be myself and not worry about the mess of trying to impress anyone. It has also helped me "come out of my shell" so to speak. Before this forum, I wouldn't even think of talking on the phone or on the xbox with ANYONE I didn't know personally... Now, I will play a game with anyone and have no issues talking with them, well, for the most part. Sometimes I feel like I can be annoying but I simply say "Screw you Xanth!"

    I love this community of people. It's a nice mix of diversity, that for the most part, gets along. And dat DX section!!! You guys/gals/aliens never seize to put a smile on my face! <3 you all :kiss:
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