What does your league table look like now that the transfer window has shut?

Discussion in 'Sports' started by Zach, Sep 3, 2013.

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  1. 1. Chelsea - The scariest team in the league. Their defenders score the goals that the strikers they don't have would.
    2. City - Best attacking team in the league, no doubt about it. Will score a shit ton of goals.
    3. Liverpool - Bias? Most likely. I'd go as far as to say the most complete team in the league, behind Tottenham.
    4. Arsenal - Ozil is gonna carry them and Giroud is starting to look good. They have shitty depth, though.
    5. Man United - Old as fart team who refuse to play their younger, more talented players. If they make some big signings come January, they will be up there with Chelsea and City. If not, I see them out of the top 4.
    6. Spurs - The team will need some time to gel. In their starting XI, only 2 players still are there from last season. (Vertonghen, Lloris) Until they get some real chemistry, they will drop points.

    inb4 everyone laughs at me
    inb4 crayo shitstorm
    inb4 dolph
  2. Lol at Liverpool 3rd
  3. 1 chelsea
    2 city
    3 man u
    4 arsenal
    5 spurs
    6 l'pool
  4. inb4 everyone laughs at me
  5. 1 Real Madrid
    2 Barca
    3 Atlético
    3 ? Betis, Real, Valencia, Sevilla..
  6. 1) Man Utd
    2) Chelsea
    3) Arsenal
    4) Liverpool
    5) Man City
    6) Tottenham

    I believe man utd has the consistency to grind out results in the bpl, but they are gonna suck big time in the champions league if they dont improve their squad in the january transfer window.
  7. 1.chelsea
    2.man city
    3.man utd
    6.spurs (fuck tottenham they actually tried telling madrid not to sell us ozil the fucking dicks if i was arsene wenger i would bid on every player they try and get now just to piss them off)
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