What doesn't TNA like about Chris Masters? ?

Discussion in 'TNA iMPACT! (2011-2015)' started by Dolph'sZiggler, Sep 25, 2012.

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  1. This guys should be Television Champion IMO. I know he technically isn't even with the company, but they've worked him out in multiple dark matches. He has THE premier look in pro wrestling this side of Brock Lesnar, is young as fuck, and has improved a ton as an in-ring worker.

    What am I missing?


    look at him. LOOK AT HIM

    Sign... no.. PUSH this man.
  2. What does't TNA like about Chris Masters? ?

    I have no idea why they haven't signed him yet.
  3. Because he can't talk....at all.
  4. -mic skills suck
    -not very good in the ring
  5. When was the last time you saw Masters in the ring? He was fine when I watched him in RKK
  6. Just not a fan personally, but he does have the look. He bores the crap out of me and he can't speak.
  7. I would agree if we were talking about him a few years ago. Idk, I guess nobody else thinks he has shown improvement.

    Remember the video he released where he crashed a WWE PPV? It might have even been Mania, can't remember, but he was just chilling with fans in the parking lot. Stuff like that is creative and shows me that he knows how to do things outside the box to help himself get over. And I'm repeating myself here, but the matches he worked in RKK that I saw were big improvements over the boring matches he used to put on in WWE
  8. Yeah it's ignorant for me to comment on improvement since I wasn't bothered to watch him on Superstars and RKK, but I've seen multiple users say the same about his progress - especially on Superstars. But unless he's now a great talker I still don't think I care, but I won't bash him as I have a feeling it's just a me thing. I do like the pecks dance he does though, that's worthy of a TV-title run alone.
  9. His run on Superstars was pretty good imo, he'd put on good matches every week. Big improvement over his first WWE run.
  10. loved his reflection of perfection gimmick :gusta: tna needs to sign him! didnt realise he was only 29
  11. He's boring and often bland. Hell no to him.
  12. Up yours, Jack.
  13. Completely agree with Dolph's here. He'll be a really nice addition to the TNA roster.
  14. Maybe he's part of Aces & 8's, as has been suggested elsewhere.

    If he's been working Ring Ka King and the rumors of Jeff Jarrett (that's J-E-Double-F Haha J-A-Double-R Haha E-Double-T Haha) returning as the actual leader of A&8s is true, then he could definitely be part of the package.

    Remember, TNA's not a publicly-traded company. They don't have to make timely announcements of newly-signed talent, which they could be using to their advantage.

  15. Brother. :hogan:
  16. So damn true, and it keeps the idea of aces and 8s worth seeing through.
  17. I literally love Chris Masters. Was actually upset when he was released from WWE. There's just something about him I really like.
  18. probably his pec dance.

    I liked Luger for the same reason when i was a kid
  19. I know that his gimmick was pretty generic but I loved it. I absolutely loved the Masterlock challenge. I would mark out if I saw that on TNA.
  20. I don't care how much he improved his in-ring work, he's still a bland, generic muscular heavyweight with no charisma that screams "main eventing WWE Superstars".
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