What Dreams did you have that seemed so real?

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Nikki Nitro, Aug 14, 2017.

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  1. Gee...... Thanks Alot @Grievous!!!!!....
    I had a weird dream last night that involved Finn Balór, Jeff Hardy, and a third but cant place a name to the face.
    Later in the dream Im sitting in Balor's Car. (Super Nice sports car, Black with Black leather interior) There were other details in the dream but I dnt remember exactly what the rest was about.
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  2. Well uh, id be completely alright sitting with those two.
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  3. I had a dream not to long ago I was dating John Cena and trying to break up with him because he was being super possessive and weird. LOL
    I know there was another wrestler related dream I had before but I can't remember it. I only had two though I think unless I am forgetting another one.
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  4. Its not my fault...
    If it was a nightmare about clowns...then it would be my fault...

    I can't talk about my dreams on here...

    They involve Asuka...and lots of kicking...and I'll shut up now...
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    It WAS ur fault because YOU posted Balor as being a stripper for a Job! Aye yi yi
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  6. Thats Already TMI....
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  7. I just woke up from a few very bad dreams.
    I dreamt that I and someone else was walking thru some kind of little kids fair. The kiddie ride ride was kind of a mini swinging chairs ride. When I looked over thru the fence I saw three little girls each wearing white dresses and dirty blonde hair. Two of them were passed out and one looked like she wanted to puke. I looked down thru the fence and saw two bodies of dead mangled baby farm calves. The kiddie rid had hit them apparently
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    2nd dream...
    I was on my front porch on some kind of swing attatched to a tree limb and yet someone else was on it too. At one point in this dream it switched to this person slaming into the tree and I saw his upper torso fly across my yard. And An Ankle landing on my porch where my dog tried to grab it. When I went to take it away, It was a regular dog bone. When In the house, I had called the Cops to come out and search for the body even though I couldnt see it anywhere. My mom was in the dream and she didnt seem to care or Know or act like anything was wrong. Soon it flipped to there being some kind of fire just around the corner from where I lived and the firetrucks were having difficulty putting out this tiny fire.
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  9. *Note to self* It probably didnt help that I watched those two youtube clips before taking a snooze. Watching something bad Like that, Seriously messes with my sleep.
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  10. I've had a few dreams involving at least 3 ppl on this forum....
  11. I haven't had many lucid dreams but I be having like deja vu. Like I dream some shit and then it happens IRL and my brain melts when I realize why that moment felt so familiar. It's a pretty common occurrence among people, pretty lit. Dreams are cool they're like messages from your subconscious and I look up my dreams some mornings because there's always a little insight to be found even if it may be bullshit.
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  12. Deja vu! I feel Like I experiance that alot.. I hv always been interested in figuring out what dreams mean
  13. This is an interesting theory about it:

    I have it happen often enough to make me think I had waaaay too much catnip.
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