What ended it?

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  1. I was unfortunately not a week-by-week watcher of WWE back when Attitude Era was alive and well, why did the era itself end?

    I heard it's because of Linda McMahon and her wanting to be a senate.
  2. Don't personally know myself, but I read this:

  3. WWF was forced to be renamed due to the World Wildlife Fund, a charity will never lose rights to a name, especially to wrestling entertainment company.
    I'm not sure though when the Attitude Era was finished, I just gave up when Kane lost to HHH and had to remove his mask. It was around then that things were going downhill anyway.
  4. Personally I feel it was because WCW was purchased by WWE. Ratings war ended, they then spent more time developing WWE as a company than concentrating on those epic Raw is War shows.
  5. Pretty much this. After the purchase they slowly turned it down as they didn't need to be over the top for ratings anymore. I don't know why though, as ever since they have they've been in a downfall, both quality wise and rating wise.
  6. The WCW vs WWF build-up before the 6-a-side match was really good imo. Some great matches came from that.
  7. I guess im the only one who classes wm17 as the end? Austin turning heel ended it imo.
  8. Let me clear all of this for some people.

    The self proclaimed "Attitude Era" was presented by Vince Russo that would use explicit content to win over the war between them and WCW. Vince had to take the risk or else they would go out of business. It was very risky because they're sponsors would leave them but it was the only risk he had to take.

    By creating the Attitude Era they had the rival team of the nWo, D-Genertation X. They had profanity and had hardcore matches, Sexuality content and the SOB character Vs. Boss storylines. Most of the Attitude Era's credit should be given to ECW because without them, it wasn't possible.

    So when the war ended between WCW and WWF, their was no need for giving content that was not needed. So they went from the Attitude Era to the Ruthless Aggression Era.

    So pretty much when WCW ended, so did the Attitude.

    Now when people keep on saying "BRING BACK THE ATTITUDE!" I find it stupid because their is no need for it at this point. Who is there competition? TNA? I don't think so. They have so many sponsorships and I doubt they would like to give that up. The reason Wrestling isn't as good as it used to be is because of crappy storylines. Sure blood should be used at some points but it's not needed every show.
  9. Yeah agreed. I wish there was some massive competition at times though, I reckon we'd see a much better product.
  10. Maybe if someone wanted to invest in creating a Wrestling Company and got WWE's biggest stars, John Cena and Randy Orton with a high pay check and a huge arena. Than we would have Monday Night Wars 3? Nah Monday Night Wars 2, TNA doesn't count.
  11. I'm not sure even that would work in this era. I mean TNA took Hardy, who was a huge draw and still haven't grown. The thing that made WCW blow up wasn't the signings per say but the fact many people believed the WWF was going to invade. Plus there was the mysterious third man which would have got out with the Dirtsheets.
  12. Cena and Orton wouldn't go. I don't think we'll see WWE have legitimate competition for a very long time. They're too big now.
  13. Well, I didn't exactly say TNA. Say if someone started a company called AWF?
    They had billions of dollars and they got stars from WWE like John Cena and Randy Orton aka Hulk Hogan and Macho Man Randy Savage. The audience would follow them. WCW took WWF's biggest stars and became as bigger than WWE. Say they also hired Eric Bischoff, I'm pretty sure he would steal someone's idea and do it on AWF so WWE's audience would get invested. Now look John Cena is a spokesman for Gillette and now it would also be a part of AWF. Just a fantasy that we will probably never see.
  14. Most of the big stars in WWE are incredibly loyal now. Orton and Cena, absolutely love this business and more specifically the WWE. Perhaps a Batista maybe, but they wouldn't get close to WWE.
  15. This.

    Fantasy indeed, would love it though.
  16. Things went downhill when Stephanie was part of the creative staff, this was around 2001. The WCW/ECW invasion angle went horribly wrong. Triple HHH was pushed strong around that point.

    Kane was booked wrong and got buried by HHH in a stupid storyline.

    2001-2004 big stars started to leave things started turning in a different direction.

    2005-2006 they tried establishing Cena and Batista.

    2007-2010 WWE started slowy heading into what is now the PG era. TNA started getting WWE stars that had left the company.

    2011this year they are trying to at least put some young stars over and head into a different direction. Let's face it with injuries WWE is lacking star power right now.

    Also after WCW and ECW went downhill and WWE bought them out. WWE got lazy, because no one else was left to compete.

    The only way I can see a company ever coming head to head with WWE again is if some big tv guy like Ted Turner with WCW was willing to put a wrestling show on his network and willing to put money into it to lure stars away from WWE.
  17. Actually, the PG era started because of two reasons. One, some lady told Vince that WWE should expand beyond their male audience.
    Two, During the feud between Y2J and HBK in 2008, when Jericho put Michaels through the Jeri-tron and I quote " He bled like a stuck pig." They lost a sponsor thus starting the PG era.
  18. You missed out Lindas senate run thats apparently why it was essentially Barney's playtime in 2009. The opposition get bringing it up.
  19. I know, but I heard those were just rumors, so I didn't include it.
    The only thing I heard which was connected was "Stand Up."
  20. seabs I agree with you that a good part was attributed to Linda's campaign. As she was getting hammered, because of the steriod scandal and other things that had to do with the WWE.

    CM Punk you are right, but honestly in 07 things started going down hill. I agree with what you said about Vince trying to market to kids again as that's what they did in the early 90's or later 80's remember the Hogan promos targeted to kids and all the wacky characters they had back then. I do think that also Vince realized that the younger fans from back in the day grew old and got bored of the product, so once again Vince is trying to appeal to kids, and will slowly change as those kids become teens, and adults at least this is what I'm thinking.