What endings can ruin your favourite matches?

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Crayo, Aug 13, 2013.

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  1. Most will agree that Summerslam has an awesome card, and has had some fantastic build. Particularly the two main feuds of Punk/Lesnar and Bryan/Cena. What endings can ruin those matches for you though?

    For example: Does Orton cashing in on a victorious Bryan ruin the match for you? Would HHH turning heel on Bryan ruin it for you? What ending - that is a realistic theory - could ruin the match for you?
  2. Punk F5ing Lesnar and Cena winning via submission
  3. Vince McMahon interrupting, making Daniel Bryan lose or Vince McMahon coming out and reversing the results so Cena wins or coming out and taking over as referee and causes Daniel Bryan to lose the match by a fast count. That is for the DB vs Cena match.

    For Brock vs CM Punk, Curtis Axel getting involved in any way.
  4. To be honest, I can't think of anyway that Cena/Bryan would upset me. If Bryan wins, of course I'll be happy. If Cena wins, I'll be a bit upset, but not that much. If Orton cashes in on either of them, same with Cena. If HHH interferes, then him and McMahon will be around more and that wouldn't be so bad for me.

    Punk hitting Lesnar with a jackhammer would ruin that match.
  5. HHH screwing over Cena or Bryan would piss me off. Actually, any swerve in that match would. I don't really care who wins, I just want it to be a clean ending. Doubtful though.

  6. This would be awesome. I really hope it happens

    I wouldn't say Punk going over Lesnar would ruin the match, but it would really disappoint me. I expect Team Ziggler to do the job, + nothing could ruin that shit match anyhow.
  7. I'd say Cena winning clean, but it'd actually make me laugh. Nothing WWE does anymore can really get me all that butthurt.
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  8. I'm all for heel HHH, but where does that leave the McMahon feud? Vince atm is crazy-heel, which is fucking amazing, and the story is leading to HHH taking power. HHH needs to be face when he takes power in my opinion, and then have his heel turn. McMahon can't be the face in this feud.
  9. What DKJames said, although raging at a dirty finish honestly helps you get into the product and makes Bryan winning the belt that much sweeter, but w/e.

    Although with that match we know it won't be the end of it. No matter who walks out with the belt or who screws who over, there's sure to be a really good storyline coming out of Summerslam. If that disappoints, then I'll rage.
  10. I will be annoyed if the usos don't end up being tag team champions.
  11. Triple H pedigreeing Daniel Bryan or John Cena winning.

    The Ring of Fire match not being an Inferno match and Kane winning

    Damian Sandow not cashing in his case and either Del Rio or Christian leaving Summer Slam with the belt.
  12. Cena going over
    Punk going over
    Sandow going over

  13. This is pretty much the only REALLY bad outcome WWE can manage out of this card, the only other thing that would be horrible is the Ziggler/Big E fued continuing, although that won't be a favourite match of mine anyway.
  14. I guarantee you E/Ziggler continues on
  15. So what you are telling me is that you are a mark?
  16. I'm hoping that they'll make this the blowoff match, Big E and Ziggler were never really that involved, so I don't see why it needs extending. In saying that this is WWE and it never even needed to happen in the first place, so god knows what they'll do.
  17. Cena winning clean (especially via sub) would piss me off. In the Punk/Lesnar match I really don't think so.
  18. The Miz Winning. But for this PPV specifically I'd say Cena making D-bry tap would be annoying.
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  19. RVD winning,he may be my avatar and I may be a bit of mark for him but I prefer Ambrose as the champ.
  20. Triple H already ruined a lot of the title match for me. I don't care if he goes heel or not, it's played out. Some people still might get a kick out of Triple H but not me.
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