News What Eva Marie has been up to

Discussion in 'NXT' started by Stopspot, Apr 7, 2015.

  1. If she is dedicating herself to wrestling, power to her. You don't need to be a life long fan to become passionate about it.
  2. k
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  3. Good to hear. At least she's trying to get better.
  5. Good for her. It was entirely stupid of them not to put her through developmental like everybody else.
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  6. Good to hear she is training to come back
  7. Just a video of her practicing. Good stuff, Eva,
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  8. She's taking this wrestling seriously to be irrelevant in the divas division.. I will never understand why a woman wants to be a WWE diva when there's millions of ways to make money and so many better jobs out there for woman.
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  9. Well, perhaps they want to wrestle. If they just want to be famous/make money I agree but it's not like they're all with that mindset (if any are).
  10. I'll give her credit for showing enough dedication to start training seriously. I'll welcome her fully back if she shows heavy improvement.
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  11. Ehhhh, I dunno...........
  12. Eva to replace AJ as the face of the divas division! Can't wait. :woohoo:
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  13. Where exactly are Female Wrestlers gonna make money wrestling? TNA, sure, but WWE is the big bucks.
  14. That was a pretty nice suplex to be honest
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  15. Good on her. Though the labels she earned will be hard to drop, this is one step closer to proving that maybe she does belong here in WWE. I'm not a fan, but i'm not opposed to having another talented female wrestler on the roster.

    Time will tell and i'm rooting for her.
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  16. Jesus Christ lol
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  17. Better than whatever I could pull of
  18. surely not after 35 seconds of training
  19. Seems like the typical Diva cycle is continuing.

    -be a model, see WWE as a platform to get national TV exposure
    -go to developmental, learn the basics
    -get new boobs and your call up the next day
    -enjoy the spotlight for a little while, then start wanting more
    -start training harder, actually caring and getting pretty good at this "pro wrestling" thing
    -despite all you've trained and all you've accomplished, you still get 4 minute matches as buffers on PPV while there's crickets in the crowd and zero storyline support
    -realize you'll never get anywhere and stop giving a shit

    at least if Eva actually becomes something she'll actually improve her position in the company, so that's good
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