What ever happened to these two guys

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by JC4Life37, Mar 6, 2014.

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  1. The guy in the blue I mean...Not sayin the 'E' should sign the guy, but da** I can't find this guy anywhere anymore

    The guy that came out at 1:35 ... Ain't seen the guy in over a decade... dude had swagger...
    The 'E' should bring this guy back.... It be nice to see the guy even on more time
  2. Really? Rock came back in 2011 sporadically appearing since even doing 4 SD shows in early 2013. The guy in the blue is a man who competes regularly. And this thread is not needed.:pity1:
  3. Umm... that was Dwayne Johnson... the guy in the vid I posted is somebody altogether different.

    And the guy in the blue... I haven't seen that cat in years

    My deal is I'd like to see those cats again... your attempts at being a smart a** are well taken and noted... you've proven you have two eyes and little to no desire to lighten up a simple conversation
  4. well your desire for posting a video(s)/thread regarding two guys who are well and active in the wrestling world, just to say they should go back to the way they used to be is not even stated clearly, this isn't a fucking game of guess who, if you wanted to spark a better response from me you should have done either A) or B)

    A) State everything clearly, show the videos and talk about why you think that.


    B) Do what you did here, but then explain wtf you mean't, It's like me posting a video of CM Punk from 2006 saying, "I haven't seen him in a long time." That would make zero to no sense to a person just looking through the most recent threads. It's not my fault that i took a thread with no or little explanation the wrong way.
  5. Meh... point taken...I can't blame you for what you just posted

    Considering you're relatively new here, it might not be obvious when I'm obviously being sarcastic... but yes... I was being sarcastic

    And, actually, to be honest... it is a game of guess who....But I digress...I do wonder what it would be like if that Rock came back and that Danielson showed up in TNA
  6. [​IMG]
    Get a little Action Jackson up in here.
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