What evidence will JP have for H Double tomorrow?

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  1. In one of the darkhorses for segment of the year Joey Park told Hulk that he had some evidence to show him this week that will blow the case off the Aces & Eights investigation

    speculate on what it might be. I'll start with the obvious: It could be tape of Morgan running wild on House Shows and they begin to think he is a possible candidate for the leader of the group. Morgan's reasoning can be that he has always been a company guy and done the right thing but doesn't get the respect he deserves (ie a title run) so now he is going to run the company into the ground.

    Now you go
  2. I think it could a photo of one of the main guys of Aces and Eights unmasked, revealing one of them is a part of the TNA roster.
  3. Most likely a bork ogan sex tape, with a gang of dudes in biker gear wearing masks.
  4. :eww:
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    jk I'd fap to that :haha:
  5. Sounds like Chyna's latest release.
  6. Oversized clit. Next stop's an undersized dick.
  7. He'll probably reveal a member. Would be funny as hell if one of the members is Abyss
  8. There was no evidence :annoyed: :haha:
  9. Well there was he was just taken, he knows what he saw in his head :obama:
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