What exactly would you do with Reigns, Rollins and Ambrose?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Leo C, Nov 24, 2012.

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  1. So, Roman Reigns, Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose debuted at Survivor Series by costing Ryback the WWE title when they put him through a table, and they did the same the following night on Raw. Now, nothing is really clear on this group, but if you could do whatever you wanted with it what would you do? Would they have a manager, would one of them be the leader? What would be the name of the stable? Would they be aligned with Punk/Heyman, maybe even Maddox? What feuds would you put them in? Discuss.
  2. One possibility is that they are a stable with Punk/Heyman which at RR would dissolve due to the three NXT stars not backing Punk up an concentrating on themselves. Up till then it might be an idea to form a tag team out of Rollins and Ambrose with Reigns as the muscle at ring side. Dunno tho really lol its difficult with the third person.
  3. Stable with Punk and Heyman. This could be something similar to Evolution.
  4. I'm not certain but I certainly wouldn't do what I fear WWE is doing and straight up align them with Punk/Heyman, which seems like what they are obviously doing and I'm worried about how WWE will be using them. Now before I continue, let me state I'm not much of a fan of repeating myself, especially when I don't feel I can say it any better. This isn't the only wrestling site I'm a part of, and on the other one somebody started a thread on which was better, Brocks return or the debut of these three. In that thread, I discussed my problems with the group based off what little I know. Therefore in the interest of laziness, I'm just going to copy & paste what I stated there here (minus the Brock parts). So without further ado . . .

    The debut of Ambrose, Rollins, and that other guy however, has me a bit worried about all their respective futures because as of now they've been booked in a fashion that reminds me of Nexus. Strength in numbers, but with that Nexus was also built up as weak apart, and due to that, and a number of other factors, every member of Nexus except the ones that got out early took about a year to be able to recover and some still are and I know this basis of reasoning alone would only lend myself to some doubt as it's relatively broad but that's not the only problem I see.

    Another problem comes that the three of them are so clearly aligned with Punk & Heyman. How is this a problem you may ask, well Punk & Heyman are two powerhouses on the mic, and I find it hard to believe that the three of them are going to get enough mic time to individualize themselves enough and be able to stand above the stigma WWE placed on them as Punk's helpers when they will most likely be sharing mic time with those two. I'm worried that WWE is going to relegate them to much into the position where most of what they are doing is just jumping people to aid Punk or another one, and not enough time to be able to leave an impression on the majority of the audience so that when this angle runs it's course they don't need to start and try to get over their respective characters as they already will be.

    Okay so to answer the question of what I would do with (besides probably not debut them in that fashion), I'd avoid those potential problems but outside of that I can't really come up with much. Mostly because I'm adverse to how the debut when down/is going. Still hoping I'm just being [overly]-cynical.
  5. Sort of NWO thing with Punk and Heyman would work imo..

    But it's ANOTHER stable for Punk. :maybe:

    Would like to keep these guys on the roster, for sure.
  6. I'd book them in a similar vein to Evolution. In that I'd allow them to have an older mentor type of character or manager that acts as the spider in the proverbial web. Connecting them but still allowing all three to take part in individual feuds, giving them a chance to grow individually but also compete in a larger feud as part of the stable. I'd keep this up until Wrestlemania times perhaps, establishing the guys on the roster.

    Then I'd have them break off one by one. First guy would do the full on face turn, I'll go with Rollins because he has the most face charisma and look of the three and his moveset flatters a babyface character. He'd turn on the stable and feud with them for a while to set him up as a face. Then later down the road I'd have Reigns break off and turn as well but I'd have him stick around the longest since he needs it the most. Ambrose doesn't need to turn to break off but rather get so involved in a feud or program as a heel that it would be natural for him to disappear from the group.

    That way I figure all three will be established on the roster, benefit from hanging around a more established member of the roster and they all get set up with working programs for all three.
  7. I'm just looking forward to the episode of Raw has the main event between Seth Rollins and CM Punk.

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