What Face Teams can be Formed?

Discussion in 'TNA iMPACT! (2011-2015)' started by Dolph'sZiggler, Mar 16, 2013.

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  1. Right now we have an abundance of heel teams.. Roode/Aries, Daniels/Kaz, Aces & Eights have some teams that could join the division w/ Bischoff/Brisco & Knox/DOC, Morgan/Ryan could always team again..

    but for faces we have.... the Mexicans, as Aries referred to them.

    How could TNA beef up the tag division with some face teams? Do you think any of the above teams could have a successful face turn?

    I think Joseph Park would be good for that division. You can either A.) Team him with a veteran who takes him under his wing in a classic mentor/student team. I think Al Snow could probably fill this role, maybe even Sting. B.) Have him bring in someone from OVW that he got to know and they form an up and coming team. Alex Silva comes to mind as someone that TNA likes that they could use to team with someone.

    Are there any teams in the independent scene that you think TNA should sign? I've called for TNA to sign the Briscoes for as long as I can remember.
  2. Joe and Magnus can always reform. Aries and Roode can always turn face seeing as how they seem to be trying to milk face pops anyway.

    If TNA gets a chance to sign the Briscoes, they should jump on it. Would be phenomenal to see the Briscoes in some other promotion that doesn't suck, need to get the Young Bucks back as well. Would be cool to see a young high-flyer like Adam Cole brought in to team with Jeff Hardy, just being associated with Hardy should get him quite over.

    Nice shout with Joey Park, would be cool to see him with Sting as his mentor. Anyway, they're having a wild-card tournament soon (Roode and Park are apparently a team so that should be worth the money by itself lmao), so maybe a team or two will last after that.
  3. Cole isn't really a high flyer. He is a technician/striker with some aerial moves to be honest.

    Anyways, they should focus on their current roster I think before signing from the outside. Joe and Magnus could reform yes, Gunner is always floating about somewhere. Put him with Christian York possibly. Then we have Sam Shaw who is down in OVW. Rob Terry will need something to do once he is done stepping all over Robbie E. E-Ry also needs something to do.
  4. Joegnus
    Park and Sting - Seems perfect IMO.
    EY and Robbie E - Why they turned T face instead I'll never know you have the potential for a good comedy team here or
    Robbie E and Joeseph Park - I love the comedy potential between these two.
    Joey Ryan and Park - They write themself, would be a great comedy team.
    Alex Silva and Sam Shaw.
  5. Storm & York
    Park & Roode
    Rubix & Dorado
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