What feud are you enjoying the most?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Mar 20, 2012.

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  1. Out of the current feuds on RAW, which are your favourites?

    Mine would be:

    1) Jericho vs Punk
    2) Rock vs Cena
    3) Team Johnny vs Team Tag-Team
  2. CM Punk vs Jericho by a mile.

    Rock vs Cena

    Team Teddy vs Team Johnny because of the superstars involved - Ziggler, Christian, Otunga, Santino and hopefully ADR.

    It was bloody hard to pick a third one, that probably sums up just how bad this build has been.
  3. I'm not sure ADR is back for Wrestlemania, isn't Johnny's team finished now or is it 6 vs 6?
  4. 6 vs 6 I think? If it is hopefully Miz is the 6th member if Alberto is injured.
  5. In a way I'm hoping it isn't Miz so he gets involved in main event, the haters on here will be epic :emoji_slight_smile:

    But yeah, I think it is 6 so ADR might be the last surprise entrant. I hope so.
  6. Jericho/Punk by default. Everything else is trash
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  7. Jericho vs. Punk feud.
  8. Y2J vs Punk.. It's getting so personal.
    Rock vs Cena is a close second, I lmao this morning when I saw 'The Rock concert'.
  9. 1. Rock/Cena - Principle.
    2. Jericho and Punk
    3. The other shit feuds.
  10. Shit? How. Do. You. Dare?:shock:
  11. Have to agree with most ppl on here and say Punk/Jericho atm what may be the saving grace of WM.

    Hating the Taker, HHH, HBK atm didn't want to see this match from the second it was announced would've enjoyed it more if Taker had come back to stop Kane running rampage.
  12. CM Punk vs Jericho!
  13. 1.Rock/Cena

    Reason for Punk/Jericho second is because of how lame it is being built. They should've built the feud around best in the world more than introducing Jericho to play mind games making it personal but lame with this whole "demon" thing. It's like embrace the hate.
  14. It is being built as best in the world, it's been mentioned in every single appearance. He's just using "dirty tactics" to get into the mind of CM Punk.
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