What Feud would you like to see?

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  1. Which 2 Wrestlers would you like to see have a fued when and why??

    Former Wrestlers can be included

    Personally ~ I would love to see Brock come out on Raw (night after) EC next year Saying no one is a challenge i Qu (get's interrupted by "I Walk alone" (Batista) and for them to have a No Hold's barred FCA match at WM30

    But what would you like to see?
  2. Your idea sounds pretty awesome, as I love Batista. But, I'd love to see a Bray Wyatt vs Mankind feud. I feel like it'd be such a strange yet enjoyable feud.
  3. Punk and Aries. Complete with promos.
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  4. Cena/Undertaker at Wrestlemania 30 (Taker's retirement)
    Brothers of Destruction/The Shield
    The Shield/Triple H and partners
    Brock Lesnar/Randy Orton
    Daniel Bryan/John Cena
    John Cena/Mark Henry
    Brock Lesnar/Daniel Bryan
    Brock Lesnar/Batista
    Brock Lesnar/CM Punk
    Daniel Bryan/Kane
    Big Show/Daniel Bryan
    Mark Henry/Daniel Bryan
    CM Punk/The Miz
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  5. Yoshi Tatsu & Great Khali the promo's would be out of this world.
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  6. Hart/Angle
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  7. Gillberg and Ryback.
  8. Cody Rhodes/Goldust
    Chris Jericho/AJ Styles
    Alex Shelley/Evan Bourne
    Dean Ambrose/Dolph Ziggler
    Bray Wyatt/Undertaker
    Randy Orton/Cory Graves
    CM Punk/Kassius Ohno
    Suicide/Yoshi Tatsu
    Kenny King/Shelton Benjamin
    Kurt Angle/Daniel Bryan
    JBL/Jack Swagger
  9. Ambrose/Cena - culminating in an I Quit match where Ambrose's sadistic punishment finally forces to Cena to give up.
  10. Rollins and Daniel Bryan should have a one on one feud in the future. They would have great matches, and I think Seth is improving more on the mic, so I wouldn't have a problem with the promos to much.

    Curtis/Punk have two Heyman guys go at it and make Heyman choose between them.

    Ambrose/AJ for some BDSM

    Slater/Sheamus and have Slater beat him in the most cheap way possible.

    Heel Miz/Ryder since Miz is good with promos as a heel, and it would be a shocker to have Ryder actually go over someone in a feud, plus the matches would be somewhat good.

    Mahal/Khali in a Indian feud, Indian loser must leave WWE to finally get rid of Khali.

    Fandango/Henry, let's face it. It would be funny as fuck to see Henry destroy the fuck out of fandango, and when he's on the stretcher he has a mic and he says, "M-My n-n-name...i-is....FAAAANNNNNDAAANNNNNGGGGGOOOO *dies*"
  11. HBK/Ziggler
  12. Daniel Bryan vs AJ Styles.
  13. DB & Rollins in singles
    Punk & Stone Cold
    Cena & Mark Wahlberg
  14. Kaz vs Daniels
    D-Bryan vs CC
    AJ vs Aries
    Punk vs Stone Cold
    Undertaker vs Cena at WM30
    Jericho Daniel Bryan
  15. I would love seeing Punk and Aries, Jericho and AJ Styles and Dean Ambrose vs. Daniel Bryan.
  16. AJ Styles against Rollins. Well, I think it could be a great match.
    Aries against Punk. Their promos would be great and the match simply... GOAT imo
  17. i would like for cena and Batista to have another feud. when i was younger when they had a feud it was a big thing for me. So i would like to see it happen one more time
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