Summerslam What feuds will finally end? *PPV SPOILERS*

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Solid Snake, Jul 25, 2016.

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    After seeing Battleground, I think we have a good idea of a few feuds that will continue. I for one am hoping for a few to end. Since not everyone has seen the PPV, I am going to put this info/opinion in a spoiler. If you want to talk about anything pertaining to the PPV, please spoiler it as well.
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    **Just my thoughts, bear in mind I do not follow wrestling on a week to week basis!**

    So I am thinking the KO and Sami should end at this point. Give Kevin a chance at redemption then whoever wins, wins it all. They can always light the flames to this fued again down the line but for now, I want to see both guys move on to other wrestlers. KO losing means, to me, there will be one "last match" and Summerslam so end it all. For now anyways.

    I am not a fan of Sasha, not saying she is a bad wrestler or anything but meh, not a fan... I do feel she needs to take the title off Charlotte and knock her down a few pegs. She has had the title forever now and I think someone else should get a run at it. She won with Bailey tonight so I am guessing she will go on to face Charlotte. Just let this feud end already. Give Sasha the belt.

    Wyatts won which likely means they are going to lose in the future and likely FINALLY *fingers crossed* break up. If you are a fan of this group, more power to ya but I find them boring. I think they will end this feud with them and New Day and walk away losers. I really don't know what is next but I hope they are done with this angle.

    The HHH, Steph. Shield mix hopefully will stop too. I don't mind them all being in the same ring again but they need to liven it up. Pick one of the three to feud with HHH and let the other two do their own thing. Maybe have one feud with Cena lol idk

    Brock > Orton
  2. Bray was drafted to SmackDown, so yeah. The group is over.
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  3. For one, they made it perfectly clear that KO and Zayn will be taking a break from each other. I mean, despite both being drafted to the same show, notice how the commentary team kept talking about this being the final battle during the PPV last night? So, yeah, that tells you that for the time being, both these guys will move forward towards other things and, quite frankly, they just have to because just so it will be just as special and big whenever they get into it again somewhere down the road, six months, two or maybe three years from now.

    In Sasha's case, chances are you won't have to wait for more then a month...

    Wyatt family is probably a bit more tricky of a situation cause, while Stroman got drafted to RAW, Rowan is on Smackdown and then you know that soon enough Luke Harper will return. On the flipside, maybe it's time Bray got the big push he deserves and, why not, a title around his waste....

    As for the former Shield members, Ambrose is now on Smackdown so no worries there....Oh, and I wouldn't expect to see HHH back on TV for at least a couple of months, if not more...
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  4. I thought HHH was going to face who ever the champ was at Summerslam? Did I hear that wrong?
  5. Hopefully the boring diva feuds are over, they're always putting me to sleep so i choose not to watch them anymore... Zayn and Owens and the mid-card title feuds.. They all suck, despite Owens and Zayn putting on great matches, it's been a shitty feud overall.. WWE doesn't know how to book great angles anymore, hopefully that changes with the draft, but i doubt it.
  6. Nah, I can't see that happening. The only early rumors that came out were shortly after Mania about perhaps HHH vs. Shane Mcmahon but even those were just silly rumors with no substance cause I think Shane has made it clear that Wrestlamania was a one time thing he wanted to do for his kids.

    Other then that, I've mentioned before I don't really see the need for HHH to make any kind of appearance until it's absolutely necessary. He already did his job just fine by making Ambrose look like a million bucks back at Roadblock and then he of course went out of his way to put Roman Reigns over all the way up to Wrestlemania.

    Aside from that, I don't see any need for HHH right now unless they play some angle on RAW where he comes back in the picture as an Authority figure once again if, say, Stephanie and Foley start not getting along while running RAW but that too, I feel, is a stretch cause we've seen it already and it's gotten old.
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  7. I would like to see an actual fighting feud between Styles and Cena where they give it there all. One last hurrah.
  8. KO/Zayn seems to be over already after Battleground. As far as the rest goes, Charlotte/Sasha and Ambrose/Ziggler.

    Color me surprised if Ambrose/DZ ends up being anything more than just a one-off feud.
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